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Are you trying to solve too many problems? How to choose a niche market for your self-help coaching business.

Are you trying to help too many people in your business?

Last week we discussed one secret marketing tweak you can do to make more money doing what you love. If you missed it, check it out here:

That secret is to choose a market niche for your self-help coaching practice. I promised in this video that I would go into detail about how to pick your market niche because it is so important to narrow your marketing to be speaking to one ideal client. 

 The Magic Of Marketing , Episode 12 With Jennifer Trask . How To Choose A Niche Market In Your Self -Help Coaching Practice

I’ve seen it over and over again how difficult self-help coaches who do not choose a niche market have it (no matter what type they are; life coach, nutritionist, energy worker, fitness instructor, money coach, etc.). The reason is simple: when you are communicating mixed messages in your marketing, no one can feel as though you are speaking directly to them and that you understand their true problem and pain and therefore they don’t realize you can help them. 

It truly is quite powerful when you start targeting your marketing specifically. 

Here’s how to pick that niche market. 

Happy Picking!


P.S. What is your niche? Have you picked one? Will you pick one (of course you will!)? Let us know!  


Written by Jennifer Trask at 08:09

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Woo Hoo!! I think that is a wise choice for you! xo

Jennifer Trask

Dave, I completely agree! I've seen massive change for people in their results when they start focusing. :)

Dave Lane

Great post, Jennifer! This is an absolutely essential component of business success that is not only difficult to figure out but also often ignored!

Lisa L. Payne

Another great show, Jenny. :) Focusing on the problem that I solve and who, specifically, has that problem has enabled me to "speak directly" to them, as you said. It makes me feel like my posts, articles, and other marketing pieces are personalized to the individual receiving them... and best of all, that's the feedback I've been getting. WooHoo!


My niche is going to start with Newfoundlanders - internationally, of course ;)


Great advice. Wish I had done that since day 1 :).

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