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Are you pushing customers away? How to make sure you are marketing authentically.

In this episode of The Magic of Marketing we answer a very tough yet common question among new entrepreneurs and coaches.

Magic Of Marketing Episode 2


One of our viewers, Dominique, finds it difficult to find the line between feeling selfish and pushy yet giving value and making a living doing what she loves.

Tune in to discover the shift it takes to market authentically and 3 areas in your business to examine that will help you make the shift.


I love to hear your thoughts. Do you connect with these 3 suggestions? Will you make change? Have you already made change that worked for you?

Let us know!

Thanks for being here and sharing the love with your friends. :)

Live Your Destiny,


Written by Jennifer Trask at 20:41

User Comments


Detach Detach Detach - I love it!!

Thanks for being here :)



Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the video! :)

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Lisa L. Payne

Great video, Jen! I can appreciate the issue of detachment for sure and in all three aspects. One thing I've noticed with many female entrepreneurs is that they UNDERVALUE their work and as they become crystal clear about the talents they are offering up to the world and how amazing they are, their confidence climbs and they are no longer queasy when the question of price comes up. (I think this also help people get really clear about their target market, too, because not everyone is going to see the value... and that's ok, since we are not detached from the outcome!! WooHoo!!)

Can't wait for next week's video. xox

Andrea Sharpe

Hi Jennifer,

Wow! Your video is fantastic! I loved it! It really resonated with me and my business. You made so much sense.

You mentioned to me at the Expo to send you a link to my website. I have included it. I would love to have your input.

Thank you for fabulous advice.

Take care,

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