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Stop The Money Struggle. Discover 2 Powerful Shifts You Must Make To Attract More Money In Your Business.


It can be a dirty word. It can be a clean word. It can be a catalyst for hate. It can be a catalyst for hope. 

No matter how you see it, as a self-help coach and entrepreneur, you need to embrace it for all it is. Often times people find that is easier said than done. 

If you struggle with money (getting it, keeping it, feeling good about it), then turn up your speakers and get ready for a shift. In today’s episode of the Magic of Marketing, we are going to explore two simple concepts that will help you break the struggle with money for good. 

The Magic Of Marketing Episode 17 With Jennifer Trask . Creating An Abundant Money Mindset. 

I want to thank, Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money as being a catalyst for me to make this video and take my own relationship with money to a new, divine place. 

Also - this topic is so important that I put together a handout for you to download and print out so you can work through the process after the show.  

I am really looking forward to your comments on today’s topic. It’s so so so important to really embrace this part of business and your voice needs to be heard. 

With that being said, enjoy the show!




Written by Jennifer Trask at 10:35

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

YAY Angie! Good for you!! I'm so happy to hear that it helped. You can do this.. it IS just paper and your amazing energy! :) Good luck!

Angie Hawkins

This video was very helpful to me because I have struggled with the idea of pricing for my services. I like the example you made with the shoes:) I am going to be more aware with my intentions around money, and yah, it's just paper:) Awesome!

Jennifer Trask

Lisa, thank you for sharing that great tip!! I trust the community will benefit from that tip too. What a great way to see your money going to such good use and therefore attracting more to do just that! Love it!

Lisa L. Payne

"What you appreciate appreciates." Love it! I experienced a shift when I reminded myself, each time I presented my credit card (or cash) to buy something, that I was helping another business person succeed, pay their staff, feed other children, and so on. I also began to consider that my purchases - food, clothes, gas, wine (!), etc., were investments in the life I have a created. Thanks for sharing this important message, Jennifer. We all need to release our blocks to reach our highest potential. <3

Jennifer Trask

Hi Tahany!

Thanks for connecting. You will see on the blog post under the video there is a form that says, "Grab Your Money Mindset Gift Here". That is where you can put your name and email in and it will be delivered to your inbox! :)

Tahany Yassin

Hi Jennifer! I am having trouble locating the money pdf file. Please advise. Thank you!

Jennifer Trask

Hi Lisa,

You are very welcome. It's pretty powerful when you make that slight shift that literally changes everything.

I'm so excited for you and thanks for your valuable contribution and feedback! :)



Great Post!! Appreciation and Intention... turns the perspective around!! When you focus on your intention and your values you can see that its not about greed or negativity... its about doing good and getting the resources you need to be better!
Personally I have struggled with this but listening to the part talking about intentions I can see more clearly that money cannot be a taboo conversation!! Its just Money!! :)
Thanks Jennifer!

Jennifer Trask

Thank you Tonya! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I felt urgency to do this post not only because of the call from the book, The Soul of Money, but also because it was a topic that I struggled with so long myself.

I know how tough it can be to get over the money hump and these 2 points I believe are powerful force's that will help each person manifest the relationship they really want with money.

Jennifer Trask

Thank you, friend! :)

Tonya Whittle

Great Post Jennifer! I really like the "change the meaning of money". It's something I've always struggled - asking for what we're worth!


Great post, Jennifer!

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