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How Do You Get Motivated After A Tragedy?

As entrepreneurs we are constantly hitting the ‘Go!’ button. However, as humans life can throw us some inevitable curve balls that make us hit ‘Stop’. These situations can be tragic, like losing a loved one, a big break up or a really bad outcome from a previous decision.

So, when tragedy strikes, how can you pick yourself up again and get back on the path to success?

 The Magic Of Marketing Episode 13 - How Do You Get Motivated After A Tragedy With Jennifer Trask

I recently discovered this as ‘life happened’ to me in a very unexpected way when in August, 2013, I lost my father. His passing was difficult for my whole family as he was such an important person in our lives. You can see why in my tribute here.

As an entrepreneur however, I had a business to run and needed to get back to reality. In the process of this, I realized that there have been 6 steps to helping me get back my motivation to go to work on my dreams again. 

I wanted to share them with you in this week's episode of The Magic of Marketing so that you may keep them in your toolbox for when life throw's you that inevitable curve ball. 



P.S. Have you ever had to cope with something like this? What did you do to get back on track? Let us know in the comments below. 


Written by Jennifer Trask at 09:29

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Hi Dale, thanks for connecting. You were in my thoughts while doing this video. Sending you strength during this time. Take good care.

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Lisa... I didn't even try that one ;) haha.. it just popped out! I'm glad it was helpful - for me too!

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Dimple. I'm glad you enjoyed them and you are right, real life is where the juice is. ;-) xo


Jenn, you are such a strong and wise soul, encompassing such inspiration in the way you choose to live your life. Of course real life experiences are our best teachers. These 6 steps are definitely worth sharing! I'm truly grateful for your wisdom!

LIsa Sheppard

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! So strong... and I agree with Lisa Payne... Great Quote!!!!
Thanks For Sharing your Life Lessons!! Very Helpful!!

Dale Power

Hi Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your experiences since the loss of your Father. Your videos are always very helpful. Unfortunately I have an idea of what you may be going through, as I have just experienced that personally in the past few months. I wish you well as you move forward. Take care!

Jennifer Trask

Lisa, when I was watching it over in editing, I picked out that statement too. I always feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends to help me through - like you. :) xo

Lisa L. Payne

Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. I think that your 6 steps would be very helpful to anyone facing a tragedy and trying to get back to "normal" as you are doing. There is great wisdom in your statement, "Our biggest tragedies lead to our biggest triumphs." Hugs

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