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How do you decide what marketing strategies and tactics are best for your business?

Do you ever find yourself feeling as though there is never enough time to do everything in your business? That you aren’t sure if you are even making the best choices to help you grow? 

Do you find yourself at networking events thinking, “Should I even really be here or is this a waste of my time?”

If this happens to you, get excited because this week’s Magic of Marketing episode is for you! In this episode you will discover an easy to remember acronym that will help you guide yourself to choosing the right marketing opportunities for your business. 

 The Magic Of Marketing Episode 14 - How Do You Decide What Marketing Strategies And Tactics Are Best For Your Business With Jennifer Trask

So often, you may want to do it all because you just don’t want to say, “No” (what if this is the opportunity I have been waiting for?). The problem with this mentality is that you are going to burn out and as we know, a burnt out self-help coach isn’t going to be on top of their coaching game. 

Grab your paper and favourite pen and let’s get going. Happy picking! 



P.S. Have you started doing this? Do you have another system your use? Share with us your secrets or your new found freedom in decision making! 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 08:55

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Laura, that's awesome! I'm so excited that you have more criteria to choose from. It's going to make the next couple of years for you MUCH easier and more successful (I like that!). :)

Dr. Nurse

Great episode Jen! I think we all know what it's like to feel stretched too thin... It's certainly a lesson I keep getting reminded of. I'm generally good about assessing things based on the "E", but have been missing some of the other letters. Can't wait to try the rest of these acid-tests! Thanks for all that you do!

Jennifer Trask

Lisa! Fun!! You are so welcome.. now tell us.. did you decide to fill in??? :)

Lisa L. Payne

Love it, Jenn! And timely, too... It was just yesterday evening that I received a request to fill-in for a speaker who had cancelled for an event in just 3 days time! I didn't yet have your awesome 7 steps (did you realize your acronym is 7 steps?? heehee) but you've taught me well and I knew I had to evaluate the choice from all of these angles [no, I'm not spoiling it for anyone who hasn't listened]. I made the right decision for me and for my business. Thanks, Jenn, for sharing your wisdom and inspiring us all to be mindful of way our choices impact our success. Look forward to next week's episode. I'll be checking in from Nova Scotia! <3

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