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Two Magic Words That Will Help You Close More Sales, Now.

I’ve got two magic words for you. But first, let me ask you;

  • Do you have trouble closing sales?
  • Have you ever wondered if your marketing really is powerful?
  • Have you ever had someone say, “Thanks, I’ll think about it”, and never hear from them again? 

If you have, you’ll want to know these two powerful words that will change the way you market everything. When I first heard them, the lightbulb went off (and apparently did a happy dance too)! Plus, I started closing more sales. Yep, more sales.

The Magic Of Marketing Episode 16 2 Magic Words To Help You Close More Sales With Jennifer Trask

 Now, I implement these two words in my marketing, sales and business all the time. So much so, it’s now a habit. You’ll make it yours too as soon as you hear what they are and how to use them. 

I love a little magic, don’t you? :) 


Happy Selling!


P.S. Do you have some tricks that work for you? Have you tried these two words? What were your results. We want to hear from you! :) 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:33

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

haha... woo hoo!! Drill it home! Benefits, benefits, benefits. I love it! :)


Oh I TOTALLY resonated with this video. Yes, yes, yes!!!! SO, WHAT?!? :D

Jennifer Trask

Hi Dale,

Thanks so much!

You're absolutely right. Finding that right tribe of people can take a bit of time sometimes so you need to be committed to the long term. :)


Hi Jennifer, Another great tip :) It reminds me of what Jack Canfield says about being persistant in your marketing. When you get a lot of people that don't want what you are selling, you need to keep going until you find the people that say yes to you. He says " Some will, Some won't, So what !! "

Jennifer Trask

Listen - EXCELLENT sentence! Thanks for sharing that... "What would that do for you?" That question helps people gain the clarity of their vision and how it can be which will help them move in that direction. Exciting!! Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer Trask

Omar! YAY! You are so welcome. Thanks for chiming in - it's great to hear from you! Have fun with it!! Jennifer

Omar Briones

Excellent tip Jenn!! I'm gonna use this :) You rock! Much love. ~Omar

Lisa L. Payne

Wicked, Jenny! :) I remember going through the "So What" exercise with you and it was one of the toughest things we did BUT it had the reward of really understanding why I do what I do. And it's the same when you are talking with a client. I have found that asking, "What would that do for you?" is also a great way to understand the core problem that you need to solve. It also helps them uber-committed to making the investment and the change. WooHoo!!! Let's get out there and use these 2 words to change the world! xo

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