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Are you ready to flick the switch on your success?

Have you ever had a moment in your life where something just clicked? It was as though you had been in the dark your whole life and then ‘boom’ the light came on. 

I’m sure you probably have experienced this more than once. Do you ever wish that could happen to you in your business? Do you wish that someone could just flick a switch and you would have all the money, clients and success you really desire? 

I have a piece of good news for you. You can flick the switch. Anytime you want. And this is the universe telling you, “It’s time to turn on the lights.”

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How do you flick the switch? 

It’s time to remember who you really are. You are a divine being. You are an expression of the universe. You were made to come and fully express your total awesomeness. There is no dream you have that you don’t have the capability to acquire. Everything is within your reach. Everything. 

If you are thinking, ‘That’s great Jennifer, but HOW do I manifest into what I really want?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are 6 steps to help you flick the switch. 


Step 1 - You Have To Believe & Accept It

You’ve got to believe it to achieve it. Accept your greatness. Know that you are an expression of the abundant universe we live in. You are already successful. You already have the ideal partner. You already are wealthy. 

Not to mention, You Are Worthy Of It All!


Step 2 - Have a gratitude dance party. 

I’m serious. What you appreciate, appreciates. When you begin to look at what IS in your life and you stop looking at what IS NOT in your life, everything changes. If you think you already do this regularly then I am going to challenge you on that. Do you really do it from the state of already having? Or, do you secretly wish for what you don’t have yet? 


Step 3 - Tune yourself in.  

Everything you want is already happening. You just need to tune yourself to it. Much like how a radio station is always playing but you have to tune your dial to that particular station in order to hear it. Your abundnace is currently playing, you just need to tune in to it (Feel as though you are already there). When you are in the feeling state of being and having where you want to be, you will take the fastest and easiest action towards it. 

You don’t even have to believe it. You just need to feel it. 

Do that by visualizing the circumstance you really want. What is happening? Who are you around? What kind of activities are you doing? How are people treating and responding to you? How much money do you have? What kind of lifestyle do you have? 

Take 5-10 minutes everyday (multiple times/day if you can), to really put yourself in the feeling vibration of already being there. From that emotional state you will receive guidance on what action to take. If you don’t immediately, you will. Just trust the process. 


Step 4 - Feel the pain. 

Yes, feel the pain. Don’t be afraid of negative emotion. Emotions are our teachers. They are telling us how close we are to who we really are. Our natural state is joy and love. That is why it feels so good. When we feel bad, that is our emotions telling us to change something. Change your state. Often times we can’t change the external environment around us immediately, however what we can change is our perspective on it. I go deeper into this in last week’s blog post

It’s not that successful and happy people don’t feel negative emotion. They just know how to deal with it quickly and allow it to serve them. 


Step 5 - Let your pain serve you. 

When you feel a negative emotion, discover it’s greater meaning. What are you making it mean about you? Whatever that is, ask yourself how that has served you. Then, discover what it needs to feel appreciated and heard. 

I’ve learned this process from many great teachers, but ultimately it only works if you do the work. If you are willing to look at what your deepest, darkest emotions are trying to tell you. They are helping the real you emerge. Let it happen. 


Step 6 - Notice the signs

When you are on this journey what you really desire isn’t necessarily going to manifest all of the sudden (you know, the next day!). It might but it might not. If it doesn’t, it is critically important for you to focus on what is showing up. It is important for you to start noticing the little successes such as the new breakthrough, meeting a pivotable person, a new opportunity, the right song you heard or site you saw that reminded you that everything is indeed working out for you 

The more you focus on what is changing for the better, what is showing up, what is working, what is shifting, the more of that you will find. Then, what you really want (in this case more money and cleints) will be able to flow more easily to you. 

When you focus on what is not in your reality, you block the flow of what you really want. It can’t come to you that way.  

That’s so important, let me repeat it: When you focus on what is not in your reality, you block the flow of what you really want. It can’t come to you that way.

That is why gratitude practice and noticing the signs is SO important to your movement forward. It helps create the snowball effect to what you really want. You will get there faster if you start building your proverbial snowball. 

Then, one day, you will have your own Frosty the Snow Man and as you dance in the streets with him you’ll be looking back at the time when you never thought it was ever possible (the Christmas lover in me just got sweet satisfaction!) 


Ultimately, your time is now. You can have what you want. Stop waiting for it. When you wait for it, it means it is not here. Take action now. 

Ask yourself, "What action would I take if I was already (insert your goal here)?"

Then, go do it! That is you telling the universe, I AM. 

Why yes, you are.  :) 

Did I mention how fantastic you look today? 

Now, it’s your turn: Have you made the proverbial switch? What happened for you to experience it? What are you going to do (or are doing) to help yourself switch on the next goal? I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.  

To your unlimited abundance NOW, 

 Jennifer Trask - First 


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:30

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Jennifer Trask

Woo Hoo! Thanks Alison for letting me know. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I love writing on this topic. It is another reminder for me as well! :) To your abundant success!

Alison Stoodley

Love this! Thanks for nailing it on the head!

Jennifer Trask

Woo Hoo Tonya! I'm so excited to watch it unfold. :)

Tonya Whittle

Love this Post Jenn! It hits home today and I am working diligently on living as though it's already happened!

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