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52 Ways To Grow Your Business And Love Your Life.

Recently I was reading a 'get inspired' list from a blog I enjoy and it did indeed inspire me and gave me some great reminders.

It also sparked my imagination about what has and continues to work for myself that enables me to live a life I truly love and feel inspired by as well as run my #digitalnomad coaching business from my laptop anywhere in the world (currently in Ecuador as I write this). 

I decided to make this week's blog post this list in the hopes that as you read it, it may inspire you to take action or even just smile and feel a deep sense of gratitude for your journey on the path to your dreams. 

Here are 52 ways that I know to be true to grow your business and love your life...

52 Ways To Grow Your Business & Love Your Life With Jennifer Trask

1. Love yourself.

2. Commit to mastery of your work. 

3. Commit to mastery of yourself. 

4. Protect your brain: stop watching, reading and talking about the news and what is wrong with the world. Even if you are pushing against something, you are fueling it. Focus on what you want to see in the world. Then go 'be' it and 'do' it.

5. Find love everywhere you go. 

6. Smile more. 

7. Stop trying to keep up with every new marketing trend and focus on what is working for you. 

8. Understand how your business really makes money. 

9. Test, track and measure. Results are results. 

10. Don’t take it personal. 

11. Life does begins at the end of your comfort zone. Go there, often.

12. Know your big mission and work backwards from it. 

13. Watch your words, they define your results. 

14. Watch your thoughts, they create your words. 

15. Read books that inspire you. 

16. Find the greatness in everyone you meet, especially those you don’t like that much. 

17. Create an environment around you that inspires your highest self to emerge.

18. Ask someone you admire to lunch. 

19. Give ample praise to everyone. 

20. Give ample praise to yourself. 

21. Focus on what is working (in your business and life). Do more of that. 

22. Stay flexible as you journey to your goals. The journey doesn't usually happen the way you think it will and many times your goals shift and change as you shift and change. Stay open, yet focused.

23. Have friends who inspire you, love you and build you up. 

24. Give more than you receive. 

25. Write your, everything is always working out for me list daily and repeat in your head as necessary. 

26. Try a smiling meditation for 5 minutes. Just try not to laugh after... I dare you! ;)

27. Stay curious and open. 

28. Be humble and remember there is always more to learn. 

29. Spend time with your parents and those closest to you. One day they won’t be here anymore and you will be grateful you had a lot of time together. 

30. Schedule in time with yourself to make you feel good daily. Schedule it in like a meeting. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are the key to staying sharp and getting to where you want to go. 

30.1 It's that important (#30), that it bares repeating, especially for you loving coaches who put others first constantly. Feed your soul first and then you will have more to give. This is your permission slip from the universe. 

31. Have patience. Big goals are just goals with more steps in them. Take the steps day-by-day and eventually you will get there. 

32. Remember that the world you live in today is a result of your current thoughts and beliefs. If you want progress, work on your thoughts and beliefs. They shape what shows up for you (and what doesn’t).

33. Take 100% responsibility for your life and your results. It can be scary at first, then totally empowering when you realize you are the master of your soul! 

34. Love challenges and problems. They are helping you move forward to where you really want to go. 

35. You already have everything you need within you. All the ideas, inspiration and action. All you have to do is allow it. 

36. Get a coach or mentor.

37. Spend time with people who inspire you and pull you up to higher standards. 

38. Climb a mountain.

39. Dance in the rain.

40. Laugh and play with kids. 

41. Travel to the place you’ve always wanted to go. 

42. Failure is a part of the road to success. It's a good thing. Fail more and get there faster. 

43. Learn to dance. 

44. Learn a new language.

45. Give more hugs. 

46. Send hand written "thank you" and "just because you are amazing" cards. People LOVE them.

47. Learn how to be productive with your time. It’s the most finite resource you have in this physical lifetime. Use it wisely.

48. Connect with your true essence daily and/or multiple times a day if you can. Staying connected to source energy keeps you in flow and taking 'inspired action'.

49. Increase your money and abundance mindset.  The more you expand your ability to allow financial abundance to flow to you, the more people you can reach and lives you can help positively impact. 

50. Learn about nutrition and health and then implement. It's the one home you will have for your whole life. Take good care of it.

51. Be kind to yourself. Don't stay in shame, guilt or 'I should of' energetic states for long. They are holding you back from getting to the next level. 

52. Remind yourself, "I'm Awesome!" throughout the day because... you know... you are awesome! :) 


Now, it's your turn to share: 

1. What are the top 3 things you connect with and why? 

2. What would be on your list?

I can't wait to hear from you in the comments below. 


To your emergence,

Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 13:04

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Virginia, You are so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed them. Those are powerful points indeed. :) I really had to work on being kind to myself, but I think I've nailed it - most of the time. :)


Be kind to yourself, write thank you notes, and continually learn are my favorites. I do all three and enjoy my life more than others I know. Thanks for 52 good points.

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Liisa! They are powerful ones but oh so empowering. I can imagine as a parent it would be even harder to implement and teach. Big koodos to you all for that! I'd love to hear any tips you have learning and teaching it with kids. :)

Liisa Vexler

Love this list. Our family has fully embraced number 33 and 34. They are delicate to teach though... many, many excuses follow.

Jennifer Trask

YAY! You're welcome Lisa. There is so much power in clarity! Thanks for writing. I love see your name here and hearing what you have to say! :)

Lisa L. Payne

LOVE this post, Jennifer! So many wonderful reminders. I love the idea in number 12, which I teach my clients, too: Be clear about what you want - your great vision - and work backwards or reverse engineer it so that everything you think, say and do is in alignment. It's amazing how quickly it will manifest and how easy choices become. Thanks for this!

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