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6 Secrets To Thrive In A Marriage With An Entrepreneur (Or 2)!

Life as an entrepreneur can be quite busy, especially when you are in a committed relationship or marriage. Often times starting a business can take quite a toll on a marriage or partnership especially when passion for business brings about long hours in the office

You know that old saying, ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’? Well, whether you are the wife or not, a happy partner (and happy you), makes life so much more fun. With Valentines week upon us, I wanted to discover what makes a successful marriage with an entrepreneur in the mix. 

My parents were able to do it and so I thought to myself, it’s time to seek out other successful couples who are not only happy, but thriving, while running a business. 

Immediately, two of my favourite people came to mind and they just happened to be married to each other. Keli-Ann and Brent Beshara are married entrepreneurs. They both have their own creative businesses (Keli-Ann is a visual artist while Brent is a specialty knife craftsman), and have been together for 10 years. I asked these two lovebirds to sit down with me and share their secrets to a happy, thriving and successful marriage


With both of them working from home, you can bet they have had to work to find a way to spend so much time together, run two successful companies and still fully enjoy and embrace their life together.

In this insightful interview, you are going to discover their 6 big secrets to being blissfully happy in both their marriage and businesses.  

In this interview here's what you'll uncover:

  • The “Zone” they created in their living room
  • Actual action steps they take daily to continue their ‘happy marriage’ trend
  • Why tying secret #’s 1 & 6 together is essential to success
  • A bonus secret that came out of blue from our discussion and...
  • My favourite part of the video which is right at the end :) 

I hope you will take this short journey with us as these two lovebirds share their magical secrets so that you can apply them to your marriage or partnership and watch sparks fly (just in time for Valentines Day)!  

Happy Love-Making, 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. The books that are talked about in this video are the following:  

1. Getting Things Done by David Allen

2. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss 

3. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

P.P.S. Happy Valentines Day (whether you are in a relationship or not!) :) 

P.P.P.S. What do you think? Will you implement something you learned? Is there a secret you practice that wasn't mentioned? Let us know!

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

YAY! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This video has a plethora of great ideas. Glad it helped! :)

Tonya Whittle

Amazing! I love it! Some amazing tips for people who from home; especially the "changing clothes" tips; and planning date nights... we often do this, but they aren't always well planned!

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