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Online Personal Training: What You Need To Know & How It Just Might Surprise You!

By now, you have probably heard of online personal training, but do you really know what it’s all about?  

You and I know that staying fit and in shape will not only help us run our businesses, but it will also reduce stress and fatigue and increase happiness and fun. I wanted to get the inside scoop on the latest trend in fitness (that seems to be getting hotter by the minute) and see what it is really all about. Is it a good fit for busy self-help coaches and entrepreneurs?

In this interview you are going to discover why more people and trainers are turning to online training. Online personal trainer, Lisa Sheppard reveals: 

  • What is online personal training.
  • What is the biggest differentiator of online training versus personal training. 
  • What happens ‘beyond the workout’.
  • What you need to look for in a great online trainer and…
  • How it can save you money (Woo Hoo!)

Ready to get moving? Let's do it!


Enjoy the show,

Jennifer Trask - First



P.S. Do you need more of "The Big C" that Lisa is talking about? Will you try online personal training? We want to hear from you!



Written by Jennifer Trask, Lisa Sheppard at 09:34

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