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How To Create A Brand With Creative Director Donnie Coady From Dc Design House

If you have ever wanted to create a brand or perhaps it is time to freshen up your current brand then look no further. In this interview with Donnie Coady the Creative Director of Dc Design House, we cover a host of things to get you well on your way to creating the brand of your dreams. 

In this interview you will discover: 

  • What is a brand? 
  • Why your brand expression is Crucial to that first impression. 
  • What position line and promise line are and how to create compelling ones that work!
  • The real truth about choosing colours and their importance.
  • What small mistake might be costing you extra dollars!
  • The 4 “Must haves” to begin creating your brand expression (and one that even surprised me!)

Alright…. are you ready? 

Let’s get down to it…


To connect with Donnie check him out on twitter or on the web at 

Happy branding, 

 Jennifer Trask - First

Jennifer (and Dc)

P.S. Let us know what the #1 takeaway was for you regarding your brand. And if you have a question for Dc, ask it below in the comments!

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Written by Jennifer Trask, Donnie Coady at 00:15

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