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Marketing: Manipulation or Magic?

Recently, after launching my new training book, 10 Steps To Stop Struggling & Start Thriving In Your Coaching Business, I have been talking to a lot of self-help coaches who are new to the industry and just getting settled into their businesses. 

There have been some interesting dialogue happening but one topic that seems to arise, especially with coaches who have yet to really put themselves out there, is ‘the dark side of marketing’. It seems as though marketing has gotten a bad rap lately and I, being a proud marketer, feel it is time to open up the dialogue on the truth about marketing. 

Many coaches seem to think marketing is bad because they feel like they are somehow manipulating people into buying things they don’t need. That marketing is like luring people into a dark cave where they will never, ever be seen again. 

Seriously? Marketing - Manipulation Or Magic Www .jennifer -trask .com .png


Let’s back up the story for a minute and give those who think this way a bit of break.

I get it.

There certainly are many companies in many industries using marketing with bad intentions. We won’t get into name calling because the purpose of this blog is positivity and helpfulness, but it is important to recognize that yes, there are people and companies out there doing slimy things with their mad skills in marketing and human psychology. 

However, we in the self-help industry who are authentically showing up in the world to do good, need to get over the bad rap the few ‘bad apples’ in the world have given to marketing. 

In my humble opinion, marketing is magical. Marketing is the opportunity to communicate a message to someone who needs it. Everyone is buying something.

So, why not sell them something that is actually going to help improve and enhance their life?

When you understand how to influence others to take action on something that is going to help them better their lives, get results they have always wanted and push them out of their comfort zone, doesn’t it make sense that you should be using that to every advantage you can? 

As a coach, it is your duty to market the sh!t out of your business. 

Because you have a gift that can help others and if they don't know about you, they can’t buy from you. And if they can’t buy from you, you can’t help them improve their life in the way that only you can. 

There is no better coach for your future customers out there then you. Stop hiding from them because you think marketing is bad/evil/malicious/<insert your favourite negative word here>. Marketing is not evil, mean or malicious. In fact, if you aren’t marketing and if you aren’t consistently learning how to market yourself better then you are doing a disservice to the world. You can’t help the world if you don’t have customers and if you don’t have customers you won’t be in business for long. 

So, to the amazing self-help coaches out there who still feel icky about marketing, my best piece of lovingingly advice is... ‘stop it!’. ;-) 

Just push your way through this icky period of time and remember the good that marketing is going to help you do what you love and change the world. You deserve a business you love and your customers deserve a caring coach who can actually help them get to where they really want to go. 

Marketing is the pathway that will lead you to those results. 

Love marketing and it will love you. 

Happy Marketing, 

 Jennifer Trask - First



PS - If you are a coach and you need help with your marketing, first go grab my free training book, Take 3 to 5 years Off Your Learning Curve, 10 Steps To Stop Struggling & Start Thriving In Your Coaching Business. 

Then, if you are serious about growing your business and getting out of your comfort zone, contact me to talk about coaching. It’s time to love marketing and get really, really good at it! 

(See, that wasn’t so evil was it?) ;)

Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:00

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Jennifer Trask

YAY Nathalie! It sure is magical.. you're so welcome! Have fun creating the sparkles! :)


Oh HECK yes. I am LOVING it :)

And LOVING this post, too! OF COURSE it's magical! And of course we've got to think about it like that!

Thank you, Jennifer.

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