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Having It All: Truth Or Just-A-Dream Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves?

Recently I had a great conversation with a client of mine, Lisa*, who was so excited about how her business is moving forward at the perfect rate. She is getting things done, new clients are rolling into her new programs at her new rates and life is just wonderful. 

About an hour or so after our call, I received an email from her, “Jennifer, the truth is I feel like I’m not balancing things well. The house is not as organized and down time is not happening.”

Does this sound familiar? 

The truth is that the process of breaking through to the next level of business (no matter what level of business you are currently in, but especially in the first couple of years), can be hard. It’s not easy and you are not going to always feel ‘balanced’. 

However, don’t get disappointed yet. There is a way to ‘have it all’, you just have to be willing to let go of a few things first. 

I Don 't Know How She Does It

If you find yourself relating to this situation here are 3 steps you will want to take to move into the space of having it all:

1. Change your state

In Lisa’s case this was the solution she needed to get back on track. The following day I received this reply,

“I put it out to the universe that I need to do certain things to feel calmness again and you wouldn’t believe it.  Since I emailed you things have been going great (it seems that as soon as I hit send… it changed my state).  I feel much more balanced and things with my clients, my trip, the house its all flowing beautifully.” 

So, what happened to Lisa? She realized that when she was feeling overwhelmed it was because she was in a state of dealing with a lot of new information and change and had not had time to digest it all. 

Often times life can move so quickly and we wonder how things changed so fast. In those times we can feel like everything is in a tailspin, and perhaps, it just might be. In those moments, your job is to allow yourself to move through those emotions. It’s OK to feel upside down some days (how else would we would thoroughly enjoy and be grateful for the totally awesome days, right?). Emotions are energy in motion. They are normal and there is no need to feel bad, guilty or shameful because you feel overwhelmed and unable to “do-it-all”. 

For Lisa, she just needed a little time to sit with herself and get comfortable with the new adjustments in her life. Then she shifted her focus to all of the amazing things in her life and it immediately got her back on track. 

If you find that even after a change in state your life is still chaotic, here are 2 more solutions for you.


2. Accept and make peace with the fact that you have to pick your roles. 

If you want to have it all eventually, you are going to have to stop doing it all! 

As a busy entrepreneur, coach, partner, parent, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, (fill in the blank role), etc. you have a busy, full and active life. Now that you are bringing your business to the next level, it’s time to accept that you can’t do it all. This one can be tough, especially for women because we love to pride ourselves on being able to juggle so many balls at once as well as the fact that no one can do it better than you, right? ;)  The problem however, is that as you are growing your coaching business, you will have more demands on your time and eventually time is literally going to start running out. 

There is no possible way that you can add in all of the new tasks that will fall onto your plate. Therefore, there will come a point where you are going to have start delegating. This can be both at work and at home. 

Making peace with giving things up is step one (don’t worry, you are still super-woman in our eyes)!


3. Give Away Tasks

Whether you give it to your partner, parents, kids or you hire in some help (think a weekly cleaner, personal shopper, etc.), you have to take tasks off your plate. 

This would be the same as if you are already in business and you want to grow it to the next level. If you are a 1-woman (or man) show, you must be willing to let go of some of the tasks that are not your highest gifts and best work. 

For coaches, here are some examples of what to give away in your business first: 

 - the bookkeeping and accounting (Side note: you still need to know and understand your numbers well, but you do not need to do the inputing or calculating. Hire this out.).

- administrative work like transcribing, filing, booking appointments, etc. 

- online admin roles. This would be things like researching, content creation help, email admin, social media admin, uploading blog posts, SEO, newsletter creation, etc. 

- graphic work, editing, video creation, etc. 

These are things that you might even be doing with ease, but they take up a lot of time. You need that time to either work in your highest talents and/or enjoy your personal time with family and friends. 

It’s always fun to remember that as you start hiring things out you are acting like a super-smart CEO.  A practice of many of the worlds top CEO’s have been quoted saying time and time again that a big secret to their success is surrounding themselves with and hiring people smarter than them. 

“I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.” - Lee Iacocca

I think they are on to something. 


So, there you have it. You can have it all, you just want to make sure you are in the right state and know when the time comes to stop doing it all. As soon as you can make peace with letting things go off your plate, even if it might not be done exactly how you want it done (it might even be done better!), the faster you will find yourself enjoying life because indeed you do, have it all. 

Now, it’s your turn. Have you experienced this? Have you had difficulty in letting things go? Have you had success with delegating and outsourcing? Did you find something else that worked for you? Let us know in the comments below and remember to share the love with those who need it. :)

Happy having!

 Jennifer Trask - First


P.S.  *Used with Lisa’s permission. Lisa is a online personal trainer for busy mom’s, a mother of 2 (almost 3), wife and lover of life and happiness. She openly shares about her journey of trying to stay balanced while juggling family, fitness and life on her blog, Happy Running Mad. Join her and say hello on her Facebook Page

Thanks Lisa for your inspiration on this important topic! 


P.P.S Recently I took this picture in a moment of deep gratitude and excitement as I realized that indeed, I have it all. Five years ago I had set out on a mission to create a business that I love and that allows me live anywhere on the planet, impacting lives and living an abundant life. On this day, as I looked at my new view from my temporary home office in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, I knew that I am now living in my actualized "ultimate" dream. 

I tell you this because I know that if I can do this, you can too. I truly believe that we have the capability to manifest and create any dream we deeply desire in our hearts. 

You deserve to have a business and life you aboslutely love and you are reading these words to be reminded that you can have it all and you do have it all, your work now is to allow it be. You're worth it and you have all of the answers within you. Life is waiting for you so take inspired action and go get it! The world needs and wants your magnificence to shine. 





Written by Jennifer Trask at 13:36

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