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What Do You Do When Everything Goes To Sh!T?

Have you ever made a very clear plan for something, and then “Bam!” things A, B & C happens that throw you off track for a day, a week or sometimes even a month or more? Essentially, everything goes to sh!t. It can be so frustrating when things don’t go the way you have planned them to go, especially when it comes to your business. 

This recently happened to me and (I won’t lie) I did have a few moments of a “pity party”! Luckily however, because of a practiced discipline I learned years ago of focusing on why everything is always working out for me, I didn’t stay there too long. :)

I wanted to share this quick story with you because as a coach and entrepreneur this probably happens to you from time to time (if not regularly). I know that if you don’t nip the negative emotion from this scenario in the bud quickly, it can begin to take over your day, week or month. More importantly, it might stop you from allowing even better experiences in your life (like what happened to me in the story that follows). 


Here’s what happened: May 9 2014 When Everything Goes To Sh !t .jpg

I had put together my best yet, straight to the point, no holds bar e-book entitled, Take 3-5 Years Off Your Learning Curve: How To Stop Struggling And Start Thriving In Your Coaching Business. 

I had sent it off to the graphic designer to get it ‘prettied up’ and ready for distribution. Things were going well until my designer (one whom I had hired from a well known freelancer site), disappeared. After a week of numerous messages but no communication from her, I decided to pull the plug. Then I had to repost the job, go through more profiles and hire another designer. This whole process set me back 2-3 weeks.

This e-book is an important piece of a few special promotions and roll outs (can’t wait for you to see!) so it slowed a bunch of things down. 

Here is where this ‘inconvenience’ becomes the best inconvenience I’ve had in a while…

After reposting the job, I found this incredible, vivacious and fun designer who seemed like a great match. I hired her and a day later I had the first draft. I loved it (I think you will too!)

What’s interesting to know as well is that if the e-book had been done on its original schedule, then I wouldn’t have been available for a weekend getaway that came up unexpectedly with new friends (I am currently living in Cusco, Peru). I had no idea this opportunity was going to come up. I went on this trip and had an incredible time. 

Now, looking back (because hindsight is 20-20 right?), I realize that if the timing hadn’t worked out as it did I wouldn’t have been able to take that fun trip because I would have been in the midst of launch time. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have found this new designer who is doing an awesome job! 

So, the moral of the story here? 

When things don’t go as planned… relax. Take a deep breathe and know that everything is always working out for you. The timing is happening as it should for your highest and greatest good. The universe is always conspiring for your good and sometimes it has better plans for you then you could have imagined (who knew a weekend getaway was on my list? Not me!). 

Happy Planning (or un-planning), 

 Jennifer Trask - First


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P.P.S. Has something like this happened to you where now, looking back you realized it all went to sh!t and it turned out for the better? I’d love to hear your story! 



Written by Jennifer Trask at 17:28

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