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3 Steps I Took To Turn My Coaching Business From Part Time To Full time

When I decided that I wanted to be a full time coach helping self-coaches grow their business so they can change the world with their gifts, I knew a few things had to change. Before that decision I was running my business more like it was a hobby than an actual business. In fact, some of my clients were getting better results in their businesses than I was, because I wasn’t 100% committed yet!

This time however, enough was enough and I wanted real results that translated into making a great income and had me being 100% location-independent. 

To make that happen I did the following 3 things differently:

3 Steps I Took To Turn My Coaching Business From Part Time To Full Time


1. I Got Really Clear And Focused On My Path

I knew that I had to get 100% on the pathway there. I knew my audience and how I could help them, so I developed better packages to serve them and fine-tuned my marketing plan so I knew the main marketing tactics I was going to use to attract clients and create sales. 

2. I Created A Real Strategic Marketing Calendar

I created a real strategic marketing calendar. Not the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, I should do this today kind of marketing calendar, but a planned, well thought out, strategic one. I knew I was going to be doing weekly blog posts, showing up in social media (and how), networking, building great opt-in offers, etc. 

I looked at the year ahead, plugged things in and started taking action to make it happen. This piece was imperative to my success because it made everything real.

3. I Became Consistent

Consistency is critical to your success. If people don’t hear from you regularly, they won’t take you seriously. It’s just like dating. If you are newly dating and someone doesn’t ask you out much or only calls/texts every few days, you know they are not that interested. 

This piece is where a lot of coaches fall of the wagon. Life can get in the way. But if you want your dreams to actualize, you must take consistent, daily action. 


Lastly, the biggest thing that changed was I decided it was time. It was time to make things different. It was time to step up in a big way. It was time to create the life I really wanted and stop dilly-dallying around doing things half-assed. I was capable of more and the only thing I needed to do was focus. 

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Happy (Consistent) Marketing, 

 Jennifer Trask - First



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Written by Jennifer Trask at 13:56

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