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How This Company Immediately Differentiated Themselves With A Few Tweets, A Smile & A Dash Of Awesomeness

Something happened to me just yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. I received over-the-top customer service that blew my mind. 

Here’s what happened: 

I have been doing some research on the best microphones to get for video production. 

Given that Kajabi is a membership site platform that is highly video based, I thought for sure that I would find the info I needed on their blog. I couldn’t find anything so I figured I would send them a tweet: 

Kajabi Twitter 1


Within less than an hour (I think actually less than 10 minutes, but I will say less than an hour to be safe), they had responded with this: 


Kajabi Twitter 2


There is something really important to note here: I am NOT currently a Kajabi customer. I am just a person who had a question and they answered it. Not only did I receive these timely tweets, but Joe, their video guy, DID email me back… that day! 

I’m actually still a little in shock while I write this. Why? Because I've never received such fast, friendly and effective service from a company that I am not a customer of. 

Of course, as an entrepreneur and marketer, I had to write a blog about this because it’s such a great way to market your business without marketing it. You see, not only have I been searching for microphones, but I’ve also been searching for the right membership site service (guess who is at the top of the list now?).

Plus, bonus points, I’m writing a blog about how great Kajabi is!


What can we take from all of this?  

  • Know your brand's voice. Kajabi clearly knows it’s brand voice. Helping people get results is where they are at and this simple example shows. 
  • Customer service should be a big part of your marketing. Give people great service and they will be happy (and thus buy from you).  
  • Going above and beyond always pays off. Kajabi didn’t have to send my question to their video guy, but they did. He didn’t have to answer me, but he did. And again, I’m not even his customer (but probably will become one now as I need what they offer).
  • It doesn’t take much to make people happy. Truthfully, how long do you really think all of that took? For whomever was answering the twitter feed, it probably took maybe 1-2 minutes at max to write the tweets back to me and send Joe the email. Then it probably took Joe, 2-5 minutes to type his answer to me. So, in total, it wasn’t a lot of ‘time’ per se. But like the old saying goes, it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts. To me, this counted a lot. I could potentially see this happening if I was a customer writing into support, but I’m not a current customer and they treated me like one anyways and that's great marketing.

Do you have a story of awesome and exceptional customer service? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Happy Servicing, 

Jennifer Trask - First



POST UPDATE - June 2017

I ended up becoming a customer of Kajabi shortly after this post was written and are still with them today. They are a great company and continue to improve their platform to meet their customers needs. 

When I was in California in the winter of 2017, I went to the head office of Kajabi and sat down with co-founder Travis Rosser on my journey of creating success with their platform. You can watch the interview here. 

Jennifer Trask + Travis Rosser At Kajabi Headquarters

Written by Jennifer Trask at 16:08

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Hi Jane,

This is the short answer, " We use a lavaliere microphone and also a shotgun microphone (the two brands are linked in the video above)" and this is the video they are referring to:

I ended up getting the Lavalier and a Blue Yeti. I hope that helps!


Hi there! Out of curiosity, what was the microphone they recommended? Thanks!

Jennifer Trask

Hey it's Joe!! :) haha Thanks Joe!

Jennifer Trask

You're welcome Leonard! You guys rock!

Joe Henschel

I second that.

-Kajabi Joe


I second that:)

--Kajabi Joe

Kajabi Leonard

Hey, Jennifer - thanks so much for this post. Glad Joe & I could be of help :)

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