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9 Reasons You Should Be Using Periscope to Grow Your Coaching Business.

Have you heard of Periscope yet? With over 10 million users and growing (since being launched in March, 2015), it’s the new app that allows you to livestream video from wherever your are. I’ve been scoping myself for the last couple of weeks and wanted to tell you why I love it and how it is going to help you grow your coaching business FAST. 

But first —> 

1. Go to the app store and grab Periscope

2. Make sure you follow me (@jennifertrask) and then watch my live scope this morning @ 10:15AM EST as I’ll be doing my 5 Minute Monday Morning Motivator (you have 24 hours to see the replay in the feed!) to get you jazzed for a week of AWESOMENESS!!!

5 Minute Monday Morning Motivator With Jennifer Trask Live On Periscope

OK… now, here are the top 9 reasons you should be using Periscope to grow your coaching business: 

1. This space is still new. You have the opportunity to become an early adopter in your niche and grow your audience first (YES!)

2. Your audience will get a closer look inside your world. This will allow you to build relationships faster. Remember: relationships first, sales second. 

3. You can practice your presentation skills without worrying about being perfect. Periscope isn’t about perfection, it is more about being real and on the fly. What a great platform to practice, practice, practice!  

4. You can gain a world wide audience fast. Yep, people are on there from all over the world checking in on scopes going on. 

5. Instead of ‘like’s’ (like on Facebook) you get hearts. Who doesn’t love seeing hearts going up their screen while presenting? Show the love!! *** Note: to give a presenter a heart just tap your screen. I love them... you can tap away during my scopes! ;) ***

6. Get instant feedback on what people are interested in. Because of the live feature, you can see how interested people are in your topic due to the engagement level. 

7. You can network with and meet other awesome coaches in the industry. 

8. Your scope is live for 24 hours in the feed so followers can watch the replay if they can't make it live. 

9. You can save your scopes to your phone and then repurpose the content for your marketing (time saving awesomeness here!)

There you have it! 9 Reasons you should be using Periscope to grow your coaching business!

Now --->

1. Download Periscope to your phone. 

2. Follow me (@jennifertrask)

3. Watch the 5 Minute Monday Motivator for awesome motivation...

4. Start your first live scope!! 

5. Tell me how it went in our #AWESOMENESS Facebook group for coaches and healers! 

I can't wait to hear about your experience!!

Happy scoping, 

Jennifer Trask - First



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