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3 Reasons Your Ideal Client Is Ready To Buy Your High End Coaching Package, Now

While many coaches get icky about the idea of selling high end coaching packages for the mere reason that they are afraid people will say, ‘It’s too expensive’, your high end coaching packages are important.  

While they will be too expensive for some people, they won’t be too expensive for your ideal client. That’s the distinction you need to make when creating these packages. They have to be for the ideal person and price is a part of the package they are buying into.  

3 Reasons Your Ideal Client Is Ready To Buy Your High End Coaching Package , Now Www .jennifer -trask .com

Here are 3 reasons why your ideal client is ready to buy your high end coaching package, now: 

1. They are ready to make massive change in this area of their life.

Enough is enough. Your ideal client has decided that it is time for them to move forward in this area of their life. They have tried all of the gimmicks, they have halfheartedly done this and that, but now, they want more. They have hit a point in there life where change has become a MUST. They know you know what is missing and they are coming to you for that information and guidance. 

2. The price will pull them into action. 

Pricing is a part of the experience of buying from you. Just like if you bought a $400 pair of sunglasses, you can bet you will ensure you know where they are at all times and never throw them on the car seat for someone to sit on. We have all done that with our $20 pairs and what happens to them? They get lost, stepped on, sat on or left at a store. But it’s not that big of a deal because they were only $20, right? 

Your coaching is the same. You want people to treat your coaching as if they bought the $400 pair of sunglasses. You want them to take it seriously, to show up for meetings and to do their homework. You want them to get results. Pricing is a part of the experience of commitment. When they commit with their wallet, they will have more ‘skin in the game' and take it seriously.

3. They believe they can do it with your help. 

When people are buying your high end coaching packages it is because they believe that with your help, they can get the end result they are after. You have successfully communicated your value and they want it. They know that working with you has the ability to save them time, money and heartache. They know that with you as their guide, they will be able to move forward, take risks and get to what they want. 


These are 3 reasons why people will absolutely buy your high end packages. Remember however, that only your ideal client will find the value in them and that is a good thing. You don’t want your packages to be for everyone. You want them to be special, just for your ideal client. 


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