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Create The Business & Life You Truly Desire With Cate Stillman

When I sat down to interview Mompreneur, Yogi and Ayurveda specialist, Cate Stillman, I wasn't sure where the conversation was going to flow (pun intended... haha). After 14 years in business helping people evolve their health and helping wellness experts take their career to the next level, Cate Stillman has learned a few things about creating a business and life you are truly excited about. 

She lives half of the year in Mexico, wake boarding and enjoying the sun. The other half of the year in Idaho, enjoying the mountains and family time. Cate has some unique views on how to go about creating a profitable and fun business that you love and creating your ‘new normal’.

 Create The Business & Life You Truly Desire With Cate Stillman And Jennifer Trask


In this interview, here is what you are going to discover:

  • The Mantra Cate uses to co-create her freedom based lifestyle that keeps her and her family super happy and living;
  • The mindset hack that keeps Cate free to create the life she loves for her and her family;
  • Why you can’t avoid every potential pitfall;
  • A key skill you must have as an entrepreneur to bring your forward;
  • The power of your community and why you must expand your circle if you want to increase your business;
  • The #1 key to Cate's success;
  • and the 3 daily habits Cate starts her day with for optimal health.

I trust you will enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. Cate is an incredible example for how to build a lasting business that is helping to be a part of great change on the planet. 


The two books that Cate mentions in the interview are: 

1. Double Double by Cameron Herald

2. Remote by Jason Fried


As well, here are links to connect directly with Cate. 

The Yogi detox is starting in April. Check it out here:

Now, we would love to hear from you. What is the new normal that you want to see in your life?  What were two things that really stood out for you in this interview that you will implement into your life? 

I look forward to reading your comments!

To your abundant success, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask, Cate Stillman at 11:20

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