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This IS The Best Marketing Tactic for Coaches in 2015

As I reflect back on 2014 I am in awe of how things turned out. It’s been a pretty incredible year. This year I realized my biggest dream of becoming location independent. Living for six months in South America (three months each in Ecuador and Peru), laptop in hand, was incredible. Opening up new markets in the US, Europe and Australia was inspiring and creating and launching my online signature group coaching program, Mindset & Marketing Mastery was scary, fun and totally awesome. 

When I look back at what helped create this success, there are a few things that stand out. But today, I wanted to talk about the one marketing tactic that worked the best. It wasn’t Facebook ads, webinars or even blogging. 

It was caring. 

You see, one of the things that I have always had to my advantage as a coach and entrepreneur, is that I am a people person. I love people. I think people are fascinating. Best of all, I’m not afraid to talk to a stranger. I can create small talk and big talk with the best of them. ;)  

This natural love of people and truly caring about helping others succeed, led me to discovering, without trying, the best marketing tactic there is. Giving 100% to my clients and audience was always a no brainer. This meant taking time to help people whether it was through a conversation or a few suggestions or ideas to help them move forward, even if they weren’t my client. It also meant giving my clients the support they truly deserve, which sometimes equates going above and beyond our ‘allotted time’.  

This single practice to both my clients and audience is without a doubt, the most important tactic that I have ever implemented. Why? Because when you really do care and you put action behind it, people notice. Clients will notice because they will tell you directly how much they appreciate it and then, they will tell others (this is the best kind of marketing you can’t pay for).  

Those who aren’t your clients will notice because they probably haven’t encountered many people who they aren’t paying to give them much time or value. I even have an email to prove it. A few weeks ago, I sent out an audio to my list about how I created my breakout year in 2013. You can listen to that audio by clicking here. 

This IS The Best Marketing Tactic For Coaches In 2015 Www .jennifer -trask .combest

I received this email about a week after the audio went out. She and I spoke earlier this year after she won a free coaching session through a promotion (you can win one too, see the end of this post for details!). I was blown away and so grateful for this beautiful message. Here is what she wrote: 

“Hi Jennifer,

Just listened to your audio and wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it. It is interesting that until recently I couldn't work out why all these amazing inspiring people were giving away their time and services without putting on the hard sell.

You and I spoke several months ago via Skype and you were really helpful and engaging and I walked away with a lot. I am doing a course at the moment about finding my soul purpose and how you develop trust with your list and followers and then who ever is meant to be with you (as in client) will. And it finally dawned on me that even though you did not make a sale from me what you did get was a huge fan. I have signed up to a lot of mailing lists which can get quite overwhelming and full, so even though there would be some amazing content in some, I tend to delete without reading.  I always read yours. I always look further into what you suggest and I am always talking about you within my circle.  So I guess what I am saying in a long winded way, is that now I get what is meant by building trust.  When the time comes that I need some business marketing advice,  I know that it would be you who I contact. And not because you gave your service away for free but because I felt like you were just happy to be there and to chat.

That is an amazing gift you have and I am very glad that you we got the chance to connect this year. 

Have a merry christmas and new year Jennifer and here's to the most amazing 2015 Ever!




After I read that email I stopped for a few moments and realized the power of it. Often times we are scrambling to get another Facebook Like or more Twitter followers. We think, “how many people will share my post today?” 

While all of that is great, (don’t get me wrong, I love social media marketing and do believe it’s important), at the end of the day, everything starts with relationships. People buy from people. In the coaching industry, there are a lot of coaches to choose from. If you want people to choose you, you must first develop a relationship with them. They choose you because they want you. But in order to know you, you must open yourself up to them.  

This doesn’t mean that you have to be available 24/7 or lose your sanity because you are always talking to people. What it does mean is being present when you are with someone, no matter whether they are your customer or not and giving amazing content in your marketing that actually helps people.

--> (Side note: I remember when a client of mine told me why she wanted to hire me. She had found one of my Magic of Marketing Videos and liked it. Then she watched another, and another and another. She implemented what she learned from the videos and saw an improvement in her results. Then she contacted me, became a client and now, almost a year later has seen massive improvement in her results. All this because I gave 100% of myself in my video blogs). <--

I belive this also means, cheering people on and truly wanting what is best for them, no matter how they get there (hiring you or not). And one of my personal favourites, sending thank you cards and ‘just because you are awesome, I want to support you’ cards. People love them and feel special.

I believe it is important to honour the fact that someone believes in you enough to enlist their time and efforts into your teachings and philosophies. It really is a privilege and the more we respect that by giving of ourselves in a healthy, positive manner, the better off we and our clients, customers and audience will all be. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Will you implement this in 2015? Have you done this or know someone who does? What has been your experience? I can’t wait to read your comments. 

You’re amazing, 

 Jennifer Trask - First


P.S.  In the spirit of giving and the New Year, I’m going to give away 3 free coaching sessions with me personally. All you have to do is tell me how you will implement this strategy in 2015 in the comments below by Thursday, January 8, 2015. Good luck!! 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 13:37

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Jennifer Trask


I think you will want to see this post!!

You can check it out on my page,

Please send me your email address so I can follow up!



Jennifer Trask


I think you will want to see this post!!
You can check it out on my page,

Please send me your email address so I can follow up!



Jennifer Trask

Adama, I think you will want to see this post!! You can check it out on my page,

Please send me your email address so I can follow up!


Jennifer Trask


You're right. Especially in our industry, hiring a coach is a personal decision. There must be established trust and relationship. Love it! :)

Jill Fahlgren

Hi Jennifer, your words definitely resonate with me. I am a big believer that people will only hire me if they know, like, and trust me. In my mind, it would be quite a challenge to attain that without being myself and giving of myself. Coaching is very personal and, by its very nature, is not a quick sell service. What better way to help people see the value in what you offer, than to give them value? Your blog is a good reminder to stay focused and present with everyone, not just with clients. And, to come from a place of service. Thanks!

Jennifer Trask

I love that Andrea, 'the sense of humanity'. That is a great way to state it. That is something that is so important to me as well.

And... I'm so excited you started sending cards! How are they going?

Thanks for your beautiful post and your great energy in the community. <3

Andrea Sharpe

Hi Jennifer,

As always, you will be an inspiration to me and to so many others! Thank you for all that you give.

I remember back to my first experience as being a waitress. I had no training, no coaching, no experience. I remember walking into the restaurant in panic mode. I didn't have any idea of what to do or how to do it properly - other than being at the other end of the notepad. I squared my shoulders, took a deep breath and thought to myself - I will treat others the way that I would want to be treated. I made many mistakes - some quite hilarious. I made friends. I learned a valuable lesson - this philosophy would serve me well in other jobs that I have had, especially teaching high school students and now in being an entrepreneur. It has become my guiding principle.

Every week, I hear stories of personal challenges, of courage and of joy. Just last week, a lady and I had tears in our eyes as she told me about her niece was sent home a week before Christmas - she has two small children and was given about 4 weeks to live. She is from a tiny community and over 60 people showed up at her house to sing her Christmas carols.

I never want to lose the sense of humanity, the connection that we must all feel for each other. I intend to continue to connect with the people who are in my life and who continue to come into my life. I love the idea of sending personal cards to people. You had suggested that in a post last year, and I did it.

I look forward to you EIAWOFM messages - You are awesome!

Thank you, Jennifer!

Jennifer Trask

Dominique, it's great to hear from you. That's an amazing question to be at the top of your year. And no matter how you serve, more outwardly or inwardly, it is all perfect and meaningful because it is your gift. <3

Dominique Hurley

Thanks for this Jennifer - my question for 2015 has been "How can I serve?" through both my art and teaching/inspiration. I do not have the facility you do around people, however, being more of an introvert and hermit at times. I'm not a typical coach, but value both your posts and your example. Thanks.

Jennifer Trask


I'm so excited for you! What an adventure you are starting. There is just no experience that will push you out of your comfort zone (in the good one way of course) and help you develop more into who you really are then that of entrepreneurship. Incredible.

I look forward to hearing you updates and watching your business unfold!


Debbie Tiller

I love opening your emails Jennifer and your authenticity inspires me to be the best I can be! I have not yet started my website or taken on any coaching clients but my goal for 2015 is to take the plunge and get going at it! MY profession now is a massage therapist and I will be continuing to help people recover and transition through injuries and physical limitations. This is very rewarding and the feedback you are getting from people like me and the other comments I've read resonates with me. I feel so privileged to be helping people and will be able to do this on another level as a life and wellness coach! When a client tells me I have given her back her life, when someone needs my help and guidance and assurance that yes they are fine to stop treatment now, or decrease frequency to maintenance, I realize what a gift I have and how wonderful it is to make such a huge difference in someone's life. Just imagine how many people are out there waiting for me to begin helping them through my coaching! It's very exciting and you will be part of it Jennifer! Meeting you quite unexpectedly back in October was delightful and now when I read your emails I can hear your voice as I read them! All the very very best as you take your gifts around the globe! I will be calling upon you for your guidance in the near future! I don't know many coaches yet and none that are using your tool of providing free information sessions/ webinars etc. but I plan to use this tool when I begin. Well I suppose after having said that... I myself have been providing free guidance for a while now to my Massage clients . huh! That's pretty cool ... especially when I recall many of them asking me when I'm starting my business up. So yes! I have been using this in a way and the results are going to be amazing once my site is set up and my coaching room ready.
Much love and success

Jennifer Trask


Knowing you, this shines through right back at you. I remember when we first met all those years ago. I could feel your authentic kindness shine through. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt so grateful to have you in my corner.

I'm so happy your new business is doing so well (no surprise though!).

Happy New Year my friend!

Jennifer Trask


I love that. It actually is a part of making a great sales call - being detached from the outcome. When you are completely detached, you can be more present and real. That's when the magic happens. Have fun with it and thank you for the comment. :)

Jennifer Trask


You absolutely will! Amazing and congrats. Customer service is an underrated marketing tactic. When you are doing your calling it is natural to want to give a lot to your clients and then referrals come easily. It's great to see you have mastered this already! One of my clients is a health coach and she shared a few things that really helped her become successful in this interview. I encourage you to check it out as you might find a few more nuggets in it to help you soar in 2015:

Keep me posted!!


Hi Jennifer, I believe that is exactly why people love you so much. You are just being you! You give of your heart. Your Love for life and wanting the best for people shines through! You are doing what you love and it shows! That smile of yours (and your giggle)is contagious! People just want to be around you!
If we are our authentic selves and always treat people with respect people want to be around us.
The biggest compliment I get is when people say " this is so you!" When they refer to my NWM business. Our philosophy is help everybody. I think that is what makes us stand out. Its not about me. It's about how many people I can help.
I love helping people. Offering good service and genuinely caring for people pays off in so many ways!
Thank you for all your support and love this past year. Its been a Journey!

I so appreciate you.

Jennifer Trask

Hi Sandra,

It's great to hear from you. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. Stay close because you will enjoy the content coming out and it will all help you build your business! Keep me posted on your progress. :)



Hi Jennifer! Thank you for this post. The funny thing is, it's so obvious, but I never took the time to highlight this fact: people buy from you when they get the sense that you would care even if they weren't buying. I plan to implement this in my coaching and in everyday interactions by approaching each conversation with the intention of making the people around me feel valued, appreciated, and comfortable. I will practice being mindful of why people are asking something of me, and I will ask myself how I can bring value to each person that I speak to.

Tanya Mark

Jennifer, I really needed to hear this today. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the marketing piece of my business and even this morning said this to a past client who just sent me 3 referrals. I was calling to thank her and told her how much it meant to me as the "sales" piece is challenging for me. I absolutely LOVE what I do - on-line women's wellness exploration programs and now know (what I've intuitively known) that if I focus on just being me - and show how much I care for each individual women with deep listening and meaningful interactions that I will attract the right clients with less effort. Thank you.


This year I decided to start coaching part time. Last year set up a website, got a coaching certification and this year I am ready to rock and roll!

Like you, seeing other succeed is what drives me.

I also love all if your material!!!


Jennifer Trask

Nathalie, they sure do! And there is nothing wrong with being a 1-man or 1-woman show. Everyone starts out that way and depending on each persons choice, some stay that way and some grow. No matter what the size of your business, caring never goes out of style!

Nathalie Norris

Ooooooh!!! I've REALLY started to notice the benefits of this! I think how I'll implement it this year is to not worry that over-caring looks like you're a one-woman small business or unsuccessful, and to really show that successful businesses DO care LOTS about their gorgeous clients!

Jennifer Trask

Vicky, awesome! I am so glad it was helpful and that you decided to come into our beautiful industry. I think no matter what industry you're in, you'll find people of all shapes and sizes and ones that are truly authentic and some, not so much. Just keep close to those doing it the way you want and you'll be good to go! Thanks for the comment! :)

Jennifer Trask

Li, oh my God, I HAVE to tell you!! You cracked me up!! I'm still laughing!!! You are hilarious.

I've got to say, I know what you mean... there can be a lot of people who make you feel, well, nauseated! hehe I am honoured that I do not fall in that category for you!

Also, I'm so happy to hear about the Marketing Calendar Challenge and its inspiration even though you couldn't participate. Congrats to you - that's awesome!! Everything will align in perfect timing. Don't forget to keep me posted, OK? I look forward to hearing from you!! :)


Thank you for putting into words what just seems right! Every day I see many examples of shoddy 'let me lure you in' styled marketing and it almost made me decide against a profession of coaching. I didn't want to be required to be phoney to make sales. I know that transparency and authentic voice are a couple of terms that are very popular right (although often used more as the method-du-jour to make sales rather that actually being) now but it's wonderful to be amongst people who really are. My apologies for rambling but this blog really does address a great point! A great way to start the year. I still need to develop a great product to implement here but will keep ya posted on that one.

Jennifer Trask

Ziva, it was sooo great to meet you! What a blessing! You are right, being there to be a friend first. While I know that many people might say, 'that doesn't pay the bills', I have actually had the opposite experience. People are really smart. And they can also smell a fake or someone just trying to make a sale a mile away.

I have found that when you are present, offer value and let people know how you can help them, the right clients will become your clients. Then business is fun and easy! Yahoo! Thanks for your input!


Beautiful Jennifer, what you are describing is the act of unconditional caring. The difference is that you're not expecting anything in return for your knowledge sharing, you genuinely want to care and if in the end this results in new paying clients, that's the icing on the cake. I bet you'd do it even without having enough money in your pocket to pay your bills. This is the subliminal message that I "got" when I first heard about you and looked on your website. Through you I got into Leadpages (although I haven't done anything with it yet, I knew I could only start in February 2015, just the way you promoted it was so awesome, that I didn't mind that there would be a "salespitch" at the end of the webinar. Normally I'd have signed out, but because you so genuinely cared and offered your 3 week 2015 marketing plan challenge for free (although I wasn't anywhere near my computer to be able to participate, every mail got me thinking despite of having no time for it. The result: Without sitting down and planning my business (which I have to do because I lost my job and at my age there are a lot of rejections or no answers to my applications), I woke up with a huge inspiration and mind-mapped it so I won't forget. I'm so sure it's "The thing" that I can't wait to start, even if it means going into "survival modus", which could be a blessing in disguise as I could turn it into a wonderful detox month :-). Sending you so much love and light and a massive thank you for showing how marketing can be done with compassion, care and respect! You're seriously the first online marketeer I'm not getting slightly nauseous by :-). Li

Ziva Len

Jennifer you are definitely such an inspiration and a role model. We only spoke once on Skype and it is so clear that positive energy and caring for others just burst out of you.You really make an impression , and even though you didn't try to sell anything to me, I immediately felt I would love to work with you.I recently had a very bad experience with one business coach who was so aggressive trying to sell her package to that was a complete turn off.
So this is something I really want to implement in my practice now when I'm starting out. I want my client to feel like they speak with their best friend! For sure I will find ways to offer some free stuff which would be very valuable for people and helping others with commenting and answering their questions in groups I'm inn, as well. Listening is one part which is often times still neglected in communication also.

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Tonya!! It makes it really easy when I have awesome clients like you! :)

Jennifer Trask

Hi Virginia,

Absolutely, most coaches do care a lot. Sometimes however, I have seen the desire for sales to override the 'relationships first' concept which never does anyone any good.

Thanks for being a part of this community!

Jennifer Trask

Awesome Stephanie! That will really help your audience get to know, like and trust you!! Keep me posted on how they go!

Stephanie Leach

This year I am going to offer a free teleclass with no selling, and begin doing short helpful videos. Great post, Jennifer!


Jennifer - I try practicing caring about people in everything I do - my guess is that most people who do any coaching or mentoring are the same in that respect. When you make sharing your expertise, time, or energy with others you do build up that trust factor and people then like you. Thanks for being here for us.

Tonya Whittle

Excellent article Jenn! As a client of yours I can attest to how much you give of yourself, how much you care and how amazing you are!

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