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How Naturopathic Doctor, Laura Nurse Went From 1 Client/Day To A Full Practice

Not long ago, Dr. Laura Nurse would sit in her office for 8 hours and sometime see just one client, on a good day. As a new Naturopathic Doctor, she was doing everything she knew to market herself yet she just couldn’t figure out why people weren’t running in to see her.  

What Laura didn’t realize at the time, was that she didn’t know the ‘business’ side of her business yet. She knew how to be a great Doctor, but was still unknown to the skills of how to be a great entrepreneur and marketer. 

Laura and I met in April 2013 and we got to work. In just 15 months, Laura has achieved: 

  • Building her practice to full time capacity;
  • Moving into Phase 2 of growth (hiring help and expanding);
  • A fantastic reputation in her community as a leader in health for women;
  • Creating a beautiful online brand and presence;
  • Feeling personally happy and no longer stressed out over wondering where her next client is going to come from;
  • Feeling confident in the business side of her business!

In this interview you are going to discover:

  • the four key distinctions that helped Laura successfully build her practice to full time in just 15 months;
  • how the book, ‘The Soul of Money’ by Lynne Twist  was a catalyst for helping her shift her beliefs around money and help her happily accept her price from clients;
  • the hardest lesson she had to learn, yet the most important one that she now takes into all areas of her life;
  • a bonus marketing idea for coaches (it’s really good!)
  • and lastly, a tip that she knows helped her gain the confidence to go out there and get more clients and still have time to enjoy her life!

Enjoy this interview and then we’d love to hear from you. What insights were the most important for you? Will you implement the marketing tactic Laura talks about about 1/3 of the way in? It's a goodie!

I look forward to your comments! 

Happy Growing,

 Jennifer Trask - First

Jennifer (& Laura)

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Written by Jennifer Trask, Laura Nurse at 10:07

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

When you sign up on Discus, you can add your image. As well, you can use the universal avatar by adding your image + email to, Most services like this will pick up your avatar from gravatar.

Jennifer Trask

Stephanie, the outdoors is my #1, too!!

Stephanie Leach

Thanks so much, Laura. I can see that I need to schedule more guilt-free breaks into my day. Multi-hour stretches at the computer are difficult. Creative energy only lasts so long!

Getting outside for a walk is how I recharge best during the day - I need to do more of this, despite the cold. If I am over-tired in the evening, a hot bath with essential oils can revive me and turn on the creative juice again.

Thanks for helping me get some clarity on this topic! All the best to you!


also - how did you girls get your picture on the comments?

Dr. Nurse

Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your question! Its a goodie. Honestly, the two ideas do seem mutually exclusive at first, don't they? First, since working in fits and starts has been my natural work rhythm my whole life, I had to just accept that I was happier working that way, than at a steady rate. I also realized that fighting my need for a rest and trying to work at my best "warp speed" pace the whole time was just unsustainable (and ego-based) way of working. Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of hard work. But I learned to not be afraid of taking a break either. Once I accepted that, I was able to relax and get the benefit from the break rather than "guilting" myself over it. It helps when you see that it's more about how effective your re-charging time is, then the length of it. For example, sometimes, you can re-charge by switching tasks, other times, you need to take an hour and hang out with a friend.

Said another way... Jennifer had a saying for me: "Sometimes, you have to slow down in order to speed up." I admit, at first I totally didn't understand what she was getting at and completely disregarded it as nonsense! What I take it to mean for me now is that, I have to embrace the natural swings in my own work momentum.

For me, "working in flow" just means finding that "sweetspot" of tension between reflectively resting and creatively producing value. I know I am there when I am happy, when I get grumpy I know I'm off the mark. It's pretty simple. But don't get me wrong, finding that sweetspot is an ongoing experiment that I don't always succeed in perfectly. But, I'm learning...

With that - what things do you do to re-charge best? I'm always interested in testing other people's strategies for that!


Stephanie Leach

Laura, can you tell me more about how working in "fits & starts" AND being in "flow" helps you accomplish your goals? I tend to dive deep into my work with lots of passion and energy several times a year. But I am disappointed when I cannot maintain that level of activity throughout the year. I guess I am asking how to maintain forward motion in your business while still allowing for our natural rhythms . . .Thanks, Jennifer, for the fantastic interview.

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