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This will grow your coaching business faster than anything else.

Do you ever wonder what you should be doing to grow your coaching business? Do you find yourself shuffling papers or wasting time on social media?  

Whether you are brand new to coaching or you just need an injection of new ideas, today’s video will help you grow your business. It is actually quite simple and I give you 5 specific things to start with to move forward (you can do more or different things than I suggest of course, but I wanted to give you a few ideas). :) 



The base of what will grow your business faster than anything else is being able to create the know, like and trust factor. This is because people buy from people they know, like and trust, especially in coaching.  

That is why the number one thing you can do to grow your business right now is to add more value than anyone else and content marketing is the fastest way to grow your business as a coach. It allows you to add massive value with whatever you have.

Here are 5 ideas that you can start right now (for free):  

1. Blog

2. Podcast

3. Videos on Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook, etc.

4. Facebook Group

5. Speaking in front of local audiences 

None of these are new ideas by any stretch of the imagination...

BUT HERE’S THE THING: You must do whatever you choose with consistency, focus and determination.

Most coaches dabble at their marketing. They aren’t consistent and they don’t create a real strategy around their marketing. If this is you, it’s killing your business. You must take consistent action in order to get noticed and to create trust between you and your potential new client. 

If you are thinking, “I have nothing new to say”… I’m here to tell you that you do! Even if you have a message that you feel has been said before, you are here to say it in YOUR way with your point of view and your own unique perspective. We often hear of kids not listening to their parents but as soon as an authority figure they admire outside of the family says the same thing to them, boom!, the kid does it!! haha… Any parents feel me?  

Well, your future clients are the same. Maybe they have heard something similar before but for some reason, when they hear it from you, they hear it differently. You hit the right cord. YOU get through to them. 

Conversely, you might think it’s all been said, but there are so many people who haven’t heard the message yet. Sometimes I even need to remind myself of this. I meet tons of coaches who are new to the industry all the time who don’t yet know what an autoresponder is. So, remember that whatever your message is, it could be the first time your future client is hearing it. You must deliver with a passion that only YOU can do! 

Here’s what I would love for you to do now: 

1. Comment below and let me know what you are committing to and your schedule for consistency. Putting it out into the world makes it real! 

2. Come on over to our Facebook Group #OWNYOURAWESOMENESS, join and introduce yourself. You will get more support, encouragement, advice and fun with like minded coaches!  


I can't wait to hear what you are going to do to add more value!

Happy marketing, 

 Jennifer Trask - First

Jennifer Trask


P.S. It will really help to be in an environment that is supporting you. So make sure you do come join the Facebook Group #OWNYOURAWESOMENESS  We have accountability built in, plus others walking the same journey as you. Isn’t it great? I think so! ;) 


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Jennifer Trask

YAY Dama Felicia! I love it!! Congrats on the commitment. :)

Dama Felicia

Hi Jennifer, thanks for this! I commit to publishing two more blog posts by Monday.

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