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From Busy Working To Working With Intention: How Financial Advisor, Blogger and Speaker, Jackie McCann-Scott Grew The Invested Mama Brand & Business

With just over a decade in the financial services industry, Jackie McCann-Scott had seen some success. However there was something gnawing at her.  There was a little voice inside her head that knew that she was ready for more. 

Jackie knew that it was time for the financial services industry to see a face lift. She wanted to make it a more meaningful experience for her clients and take a more holistic approach to helping move them and their money forward. 

She knew she wanted to help women and in particular momma’s… Invested Mama’s… and that is where this story begins... 

Two years later, Jackie has brought Invested Mama to life. A bright green brand that is bold and assertive to the traditional blues and mono-toned colours of the financial services industry. She doesn’t just sell products, she helps create a plan that creates the dream life of each client, taking into account their whole financial picture and future.  

Jackie has went from working with another advisor in her business, to branching out on her own, into a new office, with a full time employee, ready to grow. She has also become a successful, well known provincial online blogger with The Telegram, Newfoundland’s largest newspaper. 

To top it all off, Jackie won the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneur’s Innovation Award in late 2014 for her branding and growth efforts. 

Jackie is an exceptional example of what can happen when you shift from busily working to working with intention. 


In this interview Jackie’s talks about the most important distinctions in both her mindset and her marketing that helped her create such success. 

You will discover:  

  • the most important distinction she realized that was always right in front of her;
  • how she decided that it didn’t have to be hard;
  • what technique she uses to know when to say, ‘no’;
  • what she had to make peace with internally to finally make her marketing successful;
  • her two favourite productivity hacks that make her days much more productive;
  • why you don't need a website to be succesful;
  • and lastly, her last words of sage advice to all of the coaches and entrepreneurs out there ready to grow! 

I trust you will enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

Now, Jackie and I want to hear from you:

What is the biggest takeaway that you heard from this interview? How are you going to implement in your business?  

Also - did you like this video? If so, please share it with your friends and colleagues on social media. You never know who you just might end up inspiring. ;) 

Thanks so much and happy watching! 

 Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask, Jackie McCann-Scott at 18:56

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