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Once I Stopped Doing This 1 Thing, I Started Making Money In My Business

Over the years one quote that has really stuck out for me is, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  

There is so much power in that one sentence. Recently, I have been reflecting on my journey in entrepreneurship over the last 7 years. About 3 years ago there was a turning point that took me from constantly losing money to becoming profitable and beginning to realize many of my big dreams (like traveling around the world with my business). 

These last 3 years have been incredible and not only have I made many dreams come true (like visiting Machu Picchu, drinking my favourite Chilean wine at the source and learning to tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina), I have also had the privilege of walking along side dozens and dozens of coaches who have been my personal clients. These coaches are just like me. They have big dreams and are working to make them happen. 

Many of them have made dreams come true and are still working on bigger dreams. As the New Year is coming upon us I began to take stock of what makes the difference between those who make it and those who do not. 

  • Is it really about who is the better marketer? 
  • Is it really about how much money you have or who you know? 
  • Is it really about having high priced packages? 
  • Is it really about having a fancy website and superstar branding? 

The truth is, no. 

While those things help and as you are on your journey you will attract those things into your experience, they aren’t the main thing that will help you make it. 

The reason I know this is that I’ve seen it in my own life and the lives of my clients. For example, when things started to come together for me, I was still in debt, I didn’t win the lottery, I didn’t know the best coach in the industry nor did I have a fancy website. The only thing that changed was me. Once I Stopped Doing This 1 Thing , I Started Making Money In My Business Www .jennifer -trask .comonething

It was a decision I made to let go of the past and own my awesomeness. I decided that I was going to stand up for what I truly brought to the world. I was going to help the people I wanted to help in the best way that I knew how and not let common fears like, 

  • I’m not good enough;
  • I don’t have enough money in the bank yet;
  • I don’t have enough success yet… 

stop me any longer.  

I stopped buying into the story that my past and current reality equal my future and that I wasn’t worthy of having what I really wanted just because I hadn’t (Fill in the blank) yet. 

As I look at current and past clients, I see the common theme. It isn’t about money, time, marketing, sales acumen, current clients, branding, your ability, etc. It IS about what you are telling yourself between your ears. 

Coaches have an incredible power to help others yet sometimes they are so bad at taking their own advice! They are sooooo good at telling me what ISN'T working in their business. But, do you know what that gets them? More of what isn't working!!

The irony of that is that there will always be things that aren't working in your business. But you don't focus on them, you just change them. 

The mind is a powerful and wondrous place. It’s the most interesting tool that we have. We can either use it to our advantage or have it stifle us into what I like to call, ‘The Rabbit Hole of Crap’. You know that hole… the one that has you doing housework instead of real work, creating excuses for why you can’t hold that webinar next week or why you can’t follow up with that woman who was interested in working with you. 

The ONLY thing that I did differently that was the catalyst for me doing many other things differently, which thus led to different results, was change my mind. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired with my own bullshit (yep, I had had enough of myself!). 

I knew I had the power within me and it was time to make it happen. That’s it. The rest flowed from there (because YES, you will eventually need to get good at marketing, sales, networking, etc.) But the first step is to decide to take your power back. 

Decide that you aren’t going to listen to anymore of your own bullshit and that you are going to make it happen, NO MATTER WHAT.   

It doesn’t mean that the future will be all roses and fairies and everything will come to you easily (although A LOT of that will happen), it just means that you will begin the journey down the rabbit hole of AWESOME (it’s much better than the rabbit hole of crap, trust me).  

I'd love to hear from you: Can you relate to this? What story have you told yourself in the past that you decided to change and therefore, your results changed? 

Live Your Awesomeness, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 11:29

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Yes, yes, yes! I'm so happy to watch all that is happening to you Tonya Whittle!!! The best is yet to come for you!

Tonya Whittle

I love this Jenn! How did I not see this before - oh yes, It wasn't divine timing, that's why! I have started to own who I am as well; working with you helped me uncover a lot of the blocks in my business... business IS about WHO you are... who you are is who you show up as and that impacts what you attract. As I own more of my own awesomeness, I am truly amazed to see what is leaving that needs to go and what is coming in that needs to come in :) Thank you for what you do!

Jennifer Trask

Oh Dominique!! How beautiful! It's incredible what happens when we realize that the power was in us all along. <3

Dominique Hurley

Once again Jennifer, we're on the same wavelength. I just posted that quote yesterday on Facebook with my painting "Maiden Voyage" - looking to heading forward with new vision and new thinking. I did an intuitive vision board earlier this week asking for guidance on welcoming financial abundance in my business and much of the guidance I received was about what's happening inside. I really resonate with your post. Thanks!

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