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3 Ways To Get Out Of A Slump In Your Coaching Business

We’ve all been there. You are working really hard, doing everything you are suppose to be doing yet it still isn’t working. Now you may be feeling resentful, exhausted and not to hopeful about how things are going to turn around. Have you ever experienced this? Maybe you are there now? It’s like you're in a business slump. 

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there too and it really does suck.  

But the good news is that after this happening to me a few times over the years, I came up with 3 ways to get out of it when this inevitable day happens. 


1. Go back to giving (with healthy boundaries). 

I like to call this #smartgiving.

Let’s take a moment to learn from intimate relationships. In the beginning they tend to be fantastic. Both partners are giving to each other and are excited. Over time, if a couple isn’t careful they can one day end up in a slump where each partner feels like they aren’t getting their needs met. They may feel like they have given so much and now they aren’t getting what they expected from the relationship. At this point now one or both partners are looking to get something from the other. When this slight shift happens, things can go south pretty fast. People start feeling resentful, unappreciated and unhappy. 

There isn’t usually a specific moment where this happens, it just creeps up on you over time (just like weight can)! 

The same thing can happen in your business. 

You and your business are in a relationship. 

In the beginning you are super excited and you give, give, give. Over time, if your expectations are not met (which usually means, you aren’t making the money or impact you want to be making), then it’s easy to begin feeling resentful, drained, unappreciated and unhappy with your business. 

This is where the problem lies

You are now in a relationship with your business where you are trying to get. You are trying to get...

  • the next client
  • the next sale
  • to the next level

As we know, when you are in something just to get something, you are usually highly disappointed. Therefore, it is time to get back to giving but this time, with boundaries. 

Giving with boundaries means that you will give in a way that doesn’t deplete you but instead fuels you

Numbers 2 and 3 on this list are two ways to give to your business to fuel the fire and get back your excitement, enthusiasm and results!!!  

 3 Things To Do When You Get In A Slump In Your Business

2. Build Your List

Get back to actively building your list. Building your list will give you a zest and excitement back in your business. Remember, these two things: 

  1. You can’t keep selling to the same people. You must expand your reach. 
  2. You are in business to help people and in order to help more people you must expand your reach so that they too, can hear your message. 

List building helps you do these two things.  

As you are giving back to your business you are also fuelling the business by generating new leads and excitement. 

Here are just a few simple techniques that can build your list: 

  • webinars
  • free calls
  • challenges
  • contests
  • blog printables 
  • PDF/video/audio downloads
  • guest blogging/posting
  • article marketing

List building is a great way to add value to the business, your community and to fuel you because you know that you are building your business. 


3. Add Massive Value

What’s great about these three points is that they all work together. To drive more sales you must add more value. You are adding value when you build your list because whatever it is that someone is exchanging their name and email for will most definitely be of value to them (otherwise they won’t sign up for it) and...

Here are some ways to add massive value to your community: 

  • all the list building activities mentioned above
  • write emails
  • tell stories
  • share case studies
  • get interviewed
  • interview other experts
  • host in person get togethers 

When you combine these 3 small tactics you are going to get BIG results and you are going to feel like a million bucks again!! 


You are now officially challenged!!! I challenge you to go to give for the next 90 days. Make it a game for yourself to see how much you can do in 90 days. I think you will be incredibly surprised at what can happen in your business when you are laser focused on giving, list building and adding massive value so intently.  

Come on over to my Facebook Page and let me know that you are taking on the challenge. I'd love to cheer you on!! 

Happy Giving, 

 Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Are there any other things you do to get your out of a business slump? I’d love to know in the comments below! 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 16:33

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