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5 Ways To Ensure That Your Ideal Client Hires You & Not Your Competition

The coaching industry is booming. In 2012 alone, the coaching industry was at 2 Billion in sales.

We know the growth of online coaches popping up are at an all time high. Obviously, all this new competition in the marketplace is making it more difficult to be seen, heard and get people to be interested in you. Despite this, I have noticed that when you are super focused on what you are doing, always improving yourself and you are in alignment, closing the sale isn't as difficult as it may seem.

That being said, here are 5 tips to help you close the sale so that your ideal client hires YOU and not your competition.


1. Listen

I know this one seems obvious however I have seen coaches who are so focused on making a sale that they forget to do this. When you are doing a discovery call with someone and you are charging a minimum of $750+ (especially in your first year or two of coaching), have 60 minute calls with your prospect. 

In that time you will hear their story, pain points and where they want to go.  You'll have the chance to coach them on the call which is so powerful (it’s like having a bite sized freshly baked cookie in front of the bakery that is selling them by the dozen). You just can't resist! 

If your calls are long enough then you get a chance to actually help them. This way you will be able to see if they are a good match for you and they will be able to see if you are a good match for them. This is so important because if you've been coaching long enough, you know that money is not worth working with a less than ideal client.  


2. Be Honest

Be honest about what you are great at, what you don’t do and the outline of what you will do while you are together. If you can’t promise a specific outcome (which most coaches can't because they don't control what the person does after the call), don't. Promise them that you will show up for them 100%, give them your best, teach them all that you know, etc. 

Be super clear with your prospect as people appreciate honesty and that will give you the upper hand. 

You don't need to embellish things. Be yourself and be honest.


3. Use Case Studies

If one of your past or current clients went through something similar to your current prospect, tell their story and the end result (you can of course use fake identities so as to not disclose personal data). This tells your prospect that you already know how to deal with their problem and that you can help them get the results they are looking for.  

If you don’t have a client who has been through a specific situation as your prospect and/or you don’t have any client success stories yet, you can use your own story or if you have helped a family or friend in a less formal way create the same outcome, it is okay to use their story. 


4. Do Not Use High Pressure/False Scarcity

Anytime you are lying, even if it is small, it is a lie and that is you out of alignment. If someone truly is ready to work with you and you are the right coach for them, they will sign up. 

You can’t push people because then you create an atmosphere of buyers remorse. If the timing isn’t right for someone, you need to honour that. 


5. Be Willing To Say No

When it isn’t right, be willing to say no. From this position, you are in a position of abundance. Know that no one client is going to make or break your business. You will get the people who are going to be best for you. 

When you feel like you 'need' the next sale, people can tell energetically that you are in scarcity and that you need them more than they need you. This is always going to result in low sales.

To combat this, you need to get stronger at marketing your business so that you have ample discovery calls and thus lots of clients. 

Now, I'd love to hear from you. Is there something that you are going to start doing differently now? Is there something that works really well for you in getting clients? Let us know in the comments. 

I look forward to hearing!! 

Live Your Awesomeness, 

Jennifer Trask - First

Jennifer Trask

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 05:02

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