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How To Prioritize Your To Do List

Picture this: You are at your desk, with a list longer than your arm. You look at the dirty dishes and think, 'now that's a better idea!' lol 

We've all been there. When you are running your coaching business, it seems as though there is a long list of things to always be doing. How do we determine what we should be priortizing next? 

Here's a simple way to do that:


You have to pick the activities that are going to make you the most money. If you are in business, you must be focused on money producing activities. Especially when you are just starting out. You need cash flow to keep you going. Making your website extra pretty or creating a product for an audience you don't even have yet isn't going to make you money. 

What is going to make you money? 

Marketing Yourself!!!

People need to know about you in order to hire you. You must spend all of your non-client time marketing yourself and getting your message out to your ideal client.  

If you are not full and you want to be, and you are spending a lot of time creating products or organizing your business (you know who you are!) stop spending time creating products and organizing and START marketing. 

You should be spending 90%+ of your extra time (the time you are not spending with current clients) marketing yourself. I understand there is some admin and organizing to do and that's okay. Use 10% of your time to get that done and the other 90% marketing yourself (even if it means your files aren't perfect this week). 

If you aren’t making the money that you want and you don’t have a large audience yet, then why are you spending time creating a product? There's no one to buy it yet. 

The smartest thing you can do as a coach is work on growing your email list and engaging your community... oh and let's not forget, Ask for the Sale! 

Do the marketing that is going to be the most effective to you. What is going to get you the most exposure, build your community and create sales?

Once you are in a place where you have clients and your audience is growing, then you can spend a little more time creating a new product or even organizing your office. But whatever you do, don't let your marketing slip! It's essential to keeping the company growing.  

Prioritize your list by what is going to make you the most money. 

Simple. Easy. But the question is:

are you doing it?

Let me know in the comments!! 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. If you need help creating a marketing calendar and prioritizing, be sure to pick up Marketing Calendar Masterclass. It's just for coaches just like you to create learn how to easily create a marketing calendar based on strategies that work for coaches! Yes, please!

Written by Jennifer Trask at 07:49

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