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How To Feel Good About Receiving Money For Your Coaching Services

It comes up a lot; coaches feel icky about asking and receiving money for their coaching. Especially when their packages start getting into the thousands of dollars. However it seems as though every time I mention this example to a coach feeling this way, they feel so much better about their pricing and RECEIVING money for it! I thought I would share this quick tip with you in today's blog. 

When it comes to money, people love to spend it. People will spend money on all types of things: clothes, vacations, cars, charities, food, entertainment, books, etc. When you are looking at asking and receiving money for your coaching services, to make it easy, it all comes down to a simple price juxtaposition. A price juxtaposition is when you put two things side by side for comparison. 

Every year the average household will spend anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 (or more) on a one or two week vacation. That vacation will give them a nice experience, yes. A great memory, sure.

However, what if this year they decided to coach with you on something that they really want. How will their life be different? 

Coaching with you may allow someone to become more joyful, abundant, healthy, clear minded, excited, fun, productive, courageous, etc. There are so many benefits to hiring a coach, most of which can not be valued with a price tag. Coaching can change the trajectory of someone's life completely when the time is right for them. 

People spend money on all types of things. Like high end purses, electronics, vacations, clothes, entertainment, household upgrades, cars, etc. It’s important to recognize how valuable your coaching is when someone decides to invest their money in you versus something else. 

If you ever feel like you need a reminder on how valuable your coaching is versus something else, an exercise that I would like you to do is to write out how valuable your coaching is and how someone’s life can be changed as a direct result of working with you. Think about people whom you have already worked with and what has happened as a result. 

If you even try to put money on it, you can’t! The intangible valuable results that comes from coaching with the right coach is health, happiness and an abundance of confidence and positive emotions (and let's not forget, getting a result that you really want). You just can’t put a price tag on that. 

So next time you feel you are a little anxious about asking for your price, remember the benefits of your coaching versus spending that money on another thing or just one vacation. Let them make the wise decision to work with you. You'll both be happy they did! 

Now, I'd love to hear from you. Was this helpful? Have you thought of this before? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you liked this post, please share it with a friend. :) 

Happy Selling, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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