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How To Make Peace With Your Bridge Job (Or Partner Who Supports You) As You Build Your Business

I felt called to create this vlog because I’ve met a lot of coaches who feel bad that they ‘still have a bridge job’ or a partner who supports them financially while they are building their business.

They are making a negative meaning out of the situation they are in as if they are not capable of building their business or that there is something wrong with them because it is taking longer then they thought. 

If this sounds like you and you feel bad that you have to have a bridge job or a partner who supports you, then you spend time in fear, doubt and lack. Guess what happens when you hang out there day after day? You’ve got it… not much. 

Today, I want to give you two good reasons why having a bridge job, partner or parent who supports you, is really awesome. 

  1. You have been given the gift of time. 

Some people say that the fastest way to build your business is to cut off your income, ‘burn the bridge’s’ and just go for it. While this method may work for some, from my experience this does not work for the majority. 

It is difficult to maintain an abundant mindset if you are under financial stress from quitting your job before you have replaced your income, for example. 

If you do have a support system, you can still create that same sense of urgency in your mind with deadlines to give yourself to gain that same gusto, but with peace of mind knowing that if things don’t go as you planned on time (because as you know, things always happen as you plan in business… right?), then you still have the bills paid and your sanity. Isn’t that nice? 

The reality is, if you have never built a business before, there is a lot to learn. It is NOT going to happen overnight and more than likely, it is going to take you longer than you expected. This is truth... I've still yet to meet a new entrepreneur who said, 'WOW, that was so easy. It took me only half the time I thought it would!"

---> Note: if you find this person, please send them my way, I want to meet them. <--

In reality, if you did not have your bridge job or your partner, you would have to go out and get investors, which is what a lot of business's that have high start up costs do. 

When it comes to building your coaching business, most coaches don’t think of their business that way. They think they should just be able to support themselves magically overnight.

I have no idea why this phenomenum occurs in our industry.

99.999999% of all businesses are not profitable right away or in the first 3 to 5 years. One of the reasons you actually can become profitable quicker in a coaching business is because of the low overhead involved. 

But you are still a business. You have business costs and you need to continually invest in yourself and your business. Therefore, if you are working in your business and you need time to learn about how to build it, how to market yourself and become known, get comfortable selling, grow your abundant mindset, learn about online marketing (and actually apply it), <insert million other things you need to learn>, why ever would you beat up on yourself for needing to be supported for a year or two? 

Your bridge job, partner or parent IS your investor! Isn’t that awesome?! It’s like your own angel investor!! 

They truly are a gift! You could cut off your investor, but why would you? It’s very difficult to build an abundant mindset under conditions of scarcity. Keep that income coming and give yourself the gift of time as well as the ability to make mistakes. When you couple that with a healthy sense of urgency so that you don’t let things go because you don’t ‘HAVE’ to make money, then you are golden!

 Make Peace With Your Bridge Job With Jennifer Trask

2. Understand that these sources of income are truly coming from you. 

Money doesn’t come from a job, your business, a spouse or your investments. It comes from you. Those are your channels of money but you are the generator of it. Your whole life is a mirror of your internal world. That means that if you have manifested an ‘investor’ in your business, then that is YOUR abundance. 

You should be celebrating your abundance. Often times when people are in the position of having a partner support them, they hate the fact that they are not contributing to the household. But that isn’t true. You are building something that will bring future income that your partner will benefit from his or her ‘investment’ in you!! Isn’t that fun?

When you understand this and realize that you attracted your support system into your life so that you can build your business… don’t you just want to give yourself a pat on the back? I would!! :) 

Remember that building a business takes time, focus, persistence, tenacity and patience. There will be peaks and valleys and it is going to take time. Having a support system that allows you some wiggle room will give you peace and mind and keep you sane!!  

Now, I'd love to hear from you. Does this make sense to you? Have you felt this way before?  Let me know in the comments below. 

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Live Your Awesomeness, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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