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How To Own Being The CEO Of Your Coaching Business

This is an interesting topic to tackle in the coaching industry because I think it is one of the biggest barriers that coaches and healers need to overcome in order to become a successful business owner. 

There are two major skills that you need to learn in order to have a successful coaching business. 

Skill #1 - Master Your Craft

You need to become a master at whatever type of coaching that you are doing. 

Skill #2 - Master Entrepreneurship

It’s important for you to learn how to run a company. 


This is where a lot of coaches tend to have their downfall. The reason is not because they can’t learn it, it’s because:

  • most coaches don’t recognize that this is a skill they are going to have to master and 
  • they assume that it is something that they will naturally learn from being a good coach. 

The reality is that to master any skill it takes a lot of time, effort, focus and energy. The saying is that it takes up to 10,000 hours to master something (which can take up to 10 years). Don't worry - this does not mean that it is going to take you 10 years to become profitable. What it does mean is that you need to recognize that this is a skill set that you’ll want to embrace learning.

You’ll never stop learning how to become a stronger entrepreneur. You’ll always be learning new skills and techniques and it will take hours upon hours, days upon days and years upon years for you to really master this area (just like mastering any area of life). 

When you can begin to really wrap your head around the fact that you are learning how to run a business and not just be a great coach then things start to click more. You can then give yourself time to breathe, fail, mess up and move forward. 

You can’t do all of that in any particular time frame. Those are things that need to unfold. The biggest lesson that I have learned around this is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

How To Own Being The CEO Of Your Coaching Business With Jennifer Trask


Sometimes that can help you when you catch a little luck and you end up bypassing certain things because you weren’t expecting them to be hard. Other times it can hinder you when you end up beating yourself up for things taking longer than you expect them to take. This isn’t good for your mental state which needs to be clear and sharp when building your business.  

All you need to do is recognize that you are in this for the long haul, that there is a lot to learn and that truly, you’re right on schedule because you don’t know what you don’t know and therefore without knowing everything you can’t make accurate decisions on how long something is going to take you. Which in itself is ironic because how many times do you set about to something and it goes exactly on schedule and according to plan? Right, me too. ;) 

Try this exercise: 

Recently I was with a client who is nearing her two year mark in business. We began working together about 10 months ago. I said to her, let’s take a minute for you to look at how far you have come. Let’s take stock of everything you have learned and who you have become over the last 2 years. Her eyes widened and she had this look of pride, accomplishment and astonishment because she really let in all that she had accomplished. She realized that she has come REALLY FAR and that when she started out she had no idea that there really was so much to learn. This made her feel incredible about how far she has come, where she is and where she is going.  

When you come from that energetic space everyday, then you really can move things along much faster than if you focus on how long things are taking and what you haven’t accomplished yet.  

The journey becomes so much more fun when you let go of this idea that anything should take X amount of time or that you should be here or there. I really believe that when it comes to entrepreneurship that there are so many facets to it and so much to learn that if you don’t just put on your seatbelt, get in and decide to enjoy the ride then it’s going to be very difficult because there really is a lot to learn. Without that acceptance and commitment to the long term then you are always going to be in constant resistance and push mode when it comes to your business and that just slows everything down. 

When it comes to your business today, always ask yourself, ‘What is the next logical step?’ Perhaps it will be a new skill you need to acquire, someone you need to hire, maybe you will need to get a coach or join a new mastermind group. Either way, you don’t need to know it all today. When you can make peace with that, you will enjoy your business so much more and you will make more money!!! (Oh, the irony).  

Now, I would love to hear from you. Does this resonate with you? Have you ‘shoulded’ all over yourself and now you realize that it was just you not knowing what you didn't know that held you back? Comment below, I'd love to hear!

Also, if you are growing your coaching business, be sure to download the Ultimate Coaching Business Checklist so that you can clearly see what you have, what you don't and therefore what is the next logical step you need to make to grow your business! :) 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 10:10

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