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Can you really fake it till you make it?

When you are in your first year or two of business and things are not going as you thought they would, this is an important topic to address. When someone asks you that dreaded question…. “How’s Business?” and your gut turns over and you get the gremlins inside of you… this is when you want to fake it!! 

The reality is, no matter what your current circumstance, you don’t need to fake it to make it (even when someone asks you that question!). I’m going to give you an example of a scenario of someone who is indeed trying to ‘fake it’ and what that looks like and then give you an example of what you can do that is alignment with you and that isn’t faking it, it really is the truth, even when the truth doesn’t seem so great to someone from the outside looking in. 

‘The Fake It’ Example

Let’s say that someone asks you, “How’s business”?

Assuming it’s not going overly well at the moment, you maybe exaggerate the number of clients you have. 

If someone asks you, “How long you have been in business?” 

If you are newer and you want to seem more professional or like you really know what you are doing (regardless of the fact that you probably do know what you are doing but in your head the amount of time you have been in business isn’t long enough for people to take you seriously so you answer something like…) “Well, I’ve been doing it for 6 months now however I’ve been into this myself for the last 5 years.”

Essentially, whenever you are trying to be something you are not or pretend that something is better than it is, you are trying to ‘fake it till you make’. We all know that that doesn’t feel good at all. 

But what do you do when you want to focus on what is working? On what feels good? On feeling successful even when your currently physical manifestations tell you otherwise? How do you talk about your business in an empowering and inspiring way when things are not going that well in that moment? 


The Non - Fake It Till You Make It - Way

We all start our business with a vision and the reality is we believe in it otherwise we would have never started it. Maybe you see yourself as a best selling author, speaking on stages, with mastermind groups, high end private clients and retreats. Whatever that vision is, you see yourself there.  

When you align with that vision on a regular basis and you are on the path there, that’s when you speak from integrity and that’s when this whole, ‘fake it till you make it’ isn’t real. You aren’t faking it. You see your future self and you are taking the next logical step there. Your vision is pulling you there, it’s very different than feeling the constriction of your current reality that’s not in alignment with that vision and trying to pretend that something is happening that it’s not. 

When you are in alignment with your vision, no matter what is happening at that moment in your business (whether you are on a peak or in a valley), you can stay in integrity with your answer.  

Know that if you are in business, you are going to have times when it is difficult. Challenges will arise and when they do, if you stay in alignment with your vision, you never need to fake it. You may even find it easy to talk about the difficult situation with someone.

That’s the difference between faking it until you make it and staying in alignment with your vision no matter where you are on your business journey. You are making it. You are doing it. You are being it and no current result can tell you otherwise. 

You can be authentic in that and stand true in it. 


Now, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Does this ring true to you? Have you ever tried to fake it till you make it? What helped you moved past it? 

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below! 

Live Your Awesomeness, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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