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The Scary Parallels Between the Dieting World and the World Of Entrepreneurship

Did you know that 75% of American women between the ages of 25 to 45 have had some type of eating disorder or behavioural issue around food?*

Unfortunately, that statistic doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure the statistic is similar for Canadian women and potentially other fast food laden, model and celebrity obsessed cultures. I know that I personally fall into that statistic. 

I decided to write about this scary similarity between the dieting world and the world of entrepreneurship because whether you are a female or male, you have probably been directly or indirectly affected by this epidemic. And if you are an entrepreneur, you MUST figure out where you are in the mix and if you are stuck in the ‘diet’ cycle of entrepreneurship so that you can get out and get on with building your business.  

Over the years I have worked with a lot of health coaches. In helping them market and grow their businesses, we talk in depth about their content and ideas, how to shape it and position it and through that, I get the inside scoop. 

Couple that with having had a disordered view of my own body my whole life, being on countless diets and even thinking I was still fat even when I was teaching 5 aerobic classes/week in my early 20’s, I know this topic well. 

When you feel like you need to lose weight, you are always waiting. You are waiting until you are thin enough so that you can feel good about yourself, go on a date or wear that bikini with pride. The problem with this is twofold:  

  1. You are never truly living in the present moment because you believe that something is wrong with you which ultimately means, you are missing so many amazing moments of your life and
  2. Because dieting doesn’t work, you end up on this cycle of waiting for as long as you continue to feel the unworthiness of yourself based on your weight.  Therefore, if you never fix this underlying emotional issue you could literally miss your whole life.  

In my business I have the privilege of working with coaches and healers. Coaches and healers are some of the kindness, most passionate, caring people on the planet. They are truly wanting to make a difference in the world and that is why I love helping them build their businesses. 

However, there is a common theme I see with many coaches that have them ‘missing’ their entrepreneurial journey and keeps them stuck, spinning their wheels trying to reach their goals. 

Dieting Vs Entrepreneurship Jennifer -trask .com

For most coaches, the goal is to build a full time income that can enable them to quit their jobs, support their families and live the life of their dreams. That number is different for everyone. For some it could be as little as an extra $20,000/year. For others, $75K, $100K or even a million dollars a year will do the trick. The number is irrelevant as the goal is the same: build a business and life on their terms.  

Here’s where most coaches are stuck:

they think that they need another marketing tactic or strategy to help them grow their business. They think learning Instagram, Facebook ads or webinars is going to do the trick. They go out and do that and for most, it still doesn’t get them the results they desire. 


Why does this happen? 

Simple. Because another marketing tactic is like another diet.  

--> Diets don’t work because they are a bandaid solution to an underlying problem. Another marketing tactic won’t work because it too, is a bandaid solution to an underlying problem. <--


When you struggle with your weight, even when you are actually thin and if you lost anymore weight you would be in danger of being underweight, you can still think and feel you are fat. That is a self worth problem. Not a weight problem. 

When you are struggling to grow your business, even if you have hit certain financial milestones in your business but you still feel like you aren’t ‘there yet’, like you are a failure or a fraud, that is a self worth problem. Not a business or marketing problem. 


I had a client, let’s call her Chantel.

As a human being Chantel is fun, beautiful, strong, intelligent, kind, personable and generally awesome. As an entrepreneur she is wicked smart, hard working, open minded and willing to do what it takes. To note: she knows A LOT of marketing. The good stuff that actually does get results for people when they implement it.

Sounds like the perfect formula for success right? 


Despite knowing and implementing great marketing, she still couldn’t seem to gain the traction she was looking for. Hence, hiring me

During our time together we were working on discovering her beliefs about herself, her business and what she makes it mean about her. She is a go getter and therefore her toughest critic. 

In her mind, she couldn’t feel successful until she had hit her income goal that would allow her to quit her bridge job and go full time into coaching. 

The problem with this is that the only way to become successful is to feel successful now. But her rules have it that she can’t feel successful until she met X goal. See that? 

Just like a dieter not allowing herself to feel beautiful and worthy of the life she wanted until she was thin, this entrepreneur was not allowing herself to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship, the small wins, the big wins, even enjoying the ‘learning’ journey (aka failure), which is what is necessary in order to become successful.  

When we uncovered this for her, I could literally see a shift in her body. It’s like a veil was lifted. She really got it because as a health coach, she deals with this issue with her clients all of the time, except with weight, not an income goal. 


As entrepreneurs, when we are stuck ‘waiting’ for success to happen, we miss all of the good stuff. The universe knows the fastest path to what you want but when you are so hard on yourself and don’t allow yourself to be open to feeling successful because things aren’t going exactly as planned, you box yourself in and literally block all good things that are trying to come to you.  

You stay on the cycle of dieting. 

You try more marketing tactics, you learn how to make great images, videos, blog post and more.  You try this, you try that and you wonder what’s wrong? How come nobody’s buying? Why do people keep telling me it’s too expensive? 

Because the marketing tactics are still bandaid solutions. The real problem is the beliefs you hold about yourself and your worthiness to let what you really want come to you. 

For a dieter or someone who has self image issues, the only way to stop dieting is to go deep within themselves and discover what they are truly desiring. Heal the hurts of the past where they felt worthless, ugly or dismissed. Learn how to bring love to their heart for themselves and truly love all of who they are, now. Not 10lbs from now. Now.  

For the entrepreneur, in order to let the abundance shower over you, you must get to the root of your unworthiness. You must discover where you made beliefs about yourself that are untrue and rules that make it merely impossible for you to succeed. Once you discover them you can begin to clear them out and replace them with new beliefs that in fact you ARE worthy of the abundance you desire. That you will still be loveable, kind and gracious even when you are rich.

There’s no marketing tactic on the planet that can teach you that and that’s why it doesn’t work. That’s why you can take countless programs, courses and seminars and still feel stuck. Because until you truly believe you are worthy of what you want and that you are worthy NOW, not when you make your first $X, THEN it will come. 

If you recognize that you are on the cycle of dieting in your business and want to stop, get the Break Out Of Lack & Jump Into Abundance 5 part video series. It will help you break through your blocks so you can attract in what you really want! 


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Now, I'd love to hear from you. 
Does this hit home? Have you noticed this happening to you? Let me know in the comments below. 
Live Your Awesomeness, 
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Jennifer Trask
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Jennifer Trask

Paula Theriot Carper you're so welcome. It's more common than not. Hopefully we can reach more people to help them get off the diet train!! :)

Paula Theriot Carper

Thanks for sharing this. I see this a lot in my clients with diets and have seen this with many entrepreneurs. Great article!

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