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6 Things You Must Prepare For Before You Start Your Facebook Challenge Launch

If you’re hosting an online Facebook challenge to lead up to the launch of a product or service, there are 6 things you'll want to prepare for before the challenge starts. 

Having just finished a successful Facebook challenge launch with my course, Manifest Your Awesomeness, I made note of 6 things that will really help your launch go smoother and more successful if you prep them in advance. 

Here’s what I did...   


When you’re preparing a launch, there are always going to be last-minute things that need to happen but the more you can learn to be prepared for them, the better you’ll be at handling them.

There's no denying it, launches are a lot of work especially if you’re doing them on top of your regular marketing and client sessions. This is why I want to give you the 6 things you need to prepare in advance so that you’re ready.

6 Things You Must Prepare For Before You Start Your Facebook Challenge Launch With Jennifer Trask


1. Prepare The Content

Create as much of the content beforehand as possible. You may do videos (which I encourage), audios, PDF downloads and/or more. This content takes time to create, so do yourself a favour and create as much as you can beforehand. 

There were a few pieces that I left for real time creation because I wanted to feel out the challengers and give them what they ended. But the main 5 days were created in advance as well I had an idea around some bonus fun content I wanted to create.


2. Create The Graphics And Marketing

Think about how you’re going to market your launch and prepare the imagery and marketing in advance. You may choose to advertise using Facebook ads which require images, text and potentially video. You’ll also need images to use within the challenge. For example, I used video in my challenge and therefore needed thumbnails for each video.


3. The Sales Page

Great sales pages take a lot of time no matter if you’re hiring outside help or creating them yourself. 

There are 3 main sections to getting the sales page done: 

  1. Writing it
  2. Designing it (getting it on a live website) 
  3. Connecting it (for example, you’ve got to ensure that the checkout page is ready, all of the buttons work, and that emails and receipts are automatically sent to new clients.)

I recommend starting the sales page weeks (if not a month) before you start marketing the challenge.

When you start in advance you have time to get feedback from a coach, mentor or colleagues. You may also want to hire a copywriter to help you write it. Either way, they take time. 


4. Email Marketing

You’re going to be sending out a lot of emails such as content emails, sales emails, bonuses, testimonials, etc., so start with a plan and begin writing them in advance so that you’re not up until 3am every night finishing them.


5. A Minimum of Module 1 Of The Course

I highly recommend having at least the first module of your course ready before the launch. Normally, a course will begin the day after the challenge ends so you will want the course to begin bright and early the next day as your students will be eagerly anticipating this one (Note: I dropped the ball on this one and content came out in the afternoon. Let's just say, that won't happen again... lol... and nobody's perfect right?)


6. Engagement Time

When you’re running a launch, you’re going to be spending a lot more engagement time (ie, commenting and posting) than usual. You'll want to make sure you have enough time and space in your schedule to do this because the more highly engaged and present you are in the challenge, the better the launch is going to do in terms of conversion to bring people on board for your product or course.


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Now, I would love to hear from you! Comment below if you've ever run a launch before. Is there anything you wish you'd prepared in advance? Is there anything that went great? 


Happy launching!

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 11:51

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