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Successful Coaches Win At The Small Things

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I’ll be happy when my business makes $100,000/year”? If so, this mindset trip-up is keeping you from making the $100,000/year you desire. 

Today’s blog post is from a recent live talk where I went over the six main patterns I have noticed working with coaches over the last 4 years that tend to differentiate the successful coaches with the struggling ones. Today, I want to share one of these points with you about how successful coaches win at the small things, and struggling coaches win at the big stuff.  


Successful coaches win on the small stuff and struggling coaches win on the big stuff.

Let me explain.

Let’s just say that you’re in your first year of business and you want to make six figures, a very common goal for new entrepreneurs. To you, success is making $100,000 a year. The problem with this definition of success, is that you aren't making $100,000 a year yet.

In order to create success, you have to feel successful. Failure doesn’t create success; success creates success just like love creates love and war creates war. Whatever you’re putting out is what comes back. 

What I see time and time again, because we’re very hard on ourselves, is that most entrepreneurs have the small wins (ie, getting a new client) but don’t celebrate them because they don’t measure up to their definition of success. Then new coaches tend to feel like a failure because even though they have a new client, they don't have $100,000/year yet. 

See that? 

If you do that to yourself. That is the very thing that is stopping you from having the success you truly desire. 

Successful Coaches Win At The Small Things With Jennifer Trask

Successful coaches always celebrate the small wins and, to be honest, the big goals are not that great for very long. The glory of the big stuff wears off as it becomes the new norm. Successful coaches know that an unhappy journey cannot create a happy outcome and, therefore, know that focusing on chasing the big stuff can cause struggle and frustration.

Remember that it’s the small wins that make the big wins.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that income is an incremental progression and they do not measure their worth by their bank accounts. Staying in integrity, staying focussed on your game and doing things to win in the long term is more important to your brand, to the success of your business and to your conscience than trying to speed up the monetary gain.

Besides: If you have lots of money and you are unhappy, does the money really matter?

What I’ve noticed in the struggling coaches I’ve worked with is that they’re constantly measuring their ability to succeed by their bank account. The problem with that is, in the beginning, your bank account does not look happy so you’ve got to take your head out of what the big number is and get into each day and all the small wins.

Winning in business is like winning in weight loss. Are you going to lose 100 lbs in a week? No.  To win at losing 100lbs, you need to make consistent changes over time. It’s not going to happen overnight and neither is your business.

Business builders tend to have high expectations with no real experience. Particularly if you’re starting a new business where you need two skillsets such as coaching where you need to be good at your craft (ie, a great coach) and entrepreneurship. To try and master those two skills at the same time and see the end result of mastering them simultaneously is not realistic.

You cannot forget that you’re a constant student and that growing your business and becoming the leader you need to be to run your company, takes time.


If you find that helpful (especially in taking the pressure off yourself), I want to invite you to gain more shifts in perspective that will allow you to feel more successful now which brings more success to you by grabing the Jump Into ABundance Video Series. Grab it here to start attracting more abundance into your business!

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Then, let us know... are you going to start winning at the small things? I'd love to hear in the comments below. 

Live Your Awesomeness,

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 14:45

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