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3 Ways To Increase SEO On Your Website For Free!

When someone types in keywords related to your niche, you want to be found at the top of the page right? Well, that is what SEO or, Search Engine Optimization is all about! Here are 3 simple (and FREE!) things you can be doing on your website to help with your SEO. 


1. Name Your Images Effectively

Our cameras name our images funny names like, IMG_1234. That is prime real estate right there! What you want to do is change the name of the photos you use on your website (especially your blogs) before you put them online to include your keywords.

For example, if you have an image that you use with your blog post, you might then name the image, ‘BLOG POST NAME, YOUR URL, any other keyword or hashtags that is important to that topic’. 

Personally, I use the blog post name and my URL as many of my blog posts have keyword driven titles. (HINT: that is actually tip #4 - use keyword driven titles to help bump up your SEO). ;) 

When you title your images that way, you can be found via search terms easier. 


2. Linking

One of the things that helps your website get ranked in the search engines is linking. How many times is your site is linked (to and from) other reputable sites is a sign of the sites reputation, content depth, etc. That is just one of the many reasons it is great to get press, particularly on larger trafficked sites such as The Huffington Post, or Business Insider.

As well, links within your own site (like linking to your coaching page from your blog post, to other relevant blog posts or articles on other sites) helps create a nice little spiderweb that shows consistent growth and use in the site. 

 3 Tips To Increase SEO On Your Website For Free With Jennifer -trask .com

3. Use Formatting

When you bold, italicize or underline important keywords, they tend to pop up as more ‘important’. You can use this on certain keywords or phrases. 

IMPORTANT: don’t use this strategy to make your site a spam fest. That’s not what this point is about. Use it to elegantly highlight important keywords that help the reader digest your content and see what is important. Always first write to deliver quality content, then format it in a way that enhances the experience for your reader. 


Now, I'd love to hear from you. Do you have a great tip to help improve SEO on your website? Will you put these simple strategies to use? Comment below. 

Happy Marketing, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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