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Moving Through Resistance As You Up Your Business Game

We as entrepreneurs choose our businesses as one of the main vehicles for us to become the leader and person whom we want to be in the world. We are on the path of change and growth and yet we know that by nature people tend to resist change and that it can be difficult sometimes.  

The thing about growing a business is that there is so much change all the time that you need to get really good at embracing change. I have found in my own journey that every time I go to up-level there is resistance. Resistance to stay the same and to keep the same thought patterns and beliefs that are holding me where I am. Yet at the same time there is a part of me that just wants to fly to the next level.  

Can you relate? 


What I’ve learned through my own experiences is that it’s okay to stop resisting the resistance. I think we get used to the resistance being there and so we tolerate it longer but it’s faster (and will keep you feeling better) to just embrace the resistance so that you can move through it.

I find that often times we can get mad at ourselves for even going through the resistance because we ‘should’ be able to handle things or this shouldn’t be happening to us. 

We don’t like that it’s hard or the fact that we really want 'THIS' but we keep doing ‘THAT’ which keeps us stuck at 'THIS'. 

I've come to conclude however after many growth spurts that resistance is a part of growth and it's okay to feel frustrated about it for a little bit.

A great exercise that has greatly helped me when feeling resistant to change is journalling. In your journalling tell yourself that you are ready to let go of this and that you will be safe as you move forward. Then ask yourself, ‘What do I need to let go of?’ and conversely, “what do I need to embrace?”

This is really important because our egos are designed to hold us back and keep us where we are in case it is not ‘safe’ to go where we want to go. That is why we must have these conscious conversations with ourselves so that we know it is safe to move towards our dreams. Because often times our dreams are much bigger than where we are right now and our fears of…

  • what if I can’t handle the demands on me?
  • what if it’s too much work?
  • what if people don’t like me?
  • etc. etc are very real.

But the truth is that if it is your dream, then you will be given the resources to handle what comes your way. You’ll get the team and resources. 

Moving Through Resistance Www .jennifer -trask .com

As you write out the things that you are afraid of, giving them a voice allows you to let them go and plan for them. That way you can move your way through the resistance and get on with going where you really want to go. 

I would love to know in your experience, what you have done to move through a resistant phase you were going through. Was there something that really helped you? Put it in the comments below! 

As well, if you are going through resistance right now, be sure to pick up the 5 part video series, Break Out Of Lack & Jump Into Abundance. It will give you some of the mindset shifts to help you move through your resistance and allow in the abundance you truly desire. 

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Live Your Awesomeness,

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:04

User Comments

Kathy Mercure

Yes, we definitely also teach what we need to know too!

Jennifer Trask

Kathy Mercure fabulous! haha... We teach that which we need to know!! I learn more and more as I teach. It's a great way to do it!! :)

Kathy Mercure

Love this Jennifer, thank you... As I wrote on your facebook link, I am a born procrastinator, so I need a deadline, or fear of failure to spur me into action. I help people to heal their stories through journal writing, so what am I in the process of doing? Creating a course called "Bust Out of Your Fear Box!". The irony of this is not lost on me, but it is the best way for me to teach. I teach what I know.

Jennifer Trask

Amanda L Fulford I'm so glad it's helpful for you!! Journal away and let it melt away!!!

Amanda L Fulford

SO powerful! Listening to this made me aware of fears I've been suppressing that I need to acknowledge and release...time to journal :)

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