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How Melanie Caines Grew Her Online Yoga Membership Site To 100 Subscribers

Most coaches, healers and transformational experts are building their businesses part time as their side hustle while they are working full time. Melanie Caines is no different. 

 How Melanie Caines Built Her Online Yoga Platform With Business Coach Jennifer Trask

Even though yoga instructor, Melanie Caines was already running a local yoga studio and leading multiple international yoga retreats each year, Melanie decided to go for her dream of reaching an international audience with an online yoga membership site. 

In this interview Melanie talks about how she built her online following and quickly got her first 100 paid subscribers within months of launching.

While watching you'll discover: 

  • why she decided to build an online business 
  • the #1 marketing tactic that is helping her generate passionate, loyal subscribers 
  • why working with a business coach was so important to the launch of this business 
  • and her #1 piece of advice to you out there making it happen to keep going!

After you watch the video let us know in the comments about your side hustle and what one action will you take to get closer to your goals? 

Happy Growing! 

 Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 05:13

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