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3 Reasons Your Offers Aren't Converting Into Clients

If you ever wonder why your offers aren't converting or your marketing just isn't catching on like you think it should, you aren't alone. There are many coaches in your shoes. Luckily, there are things you can look for to fix this problem. 

3 Reasons Your Offers Aren 't Converting Into Clients With Jennifer Trask

Here are three things you can look for when crafting your offers (really pay attention to each, espcially the second one). It's not always obvious but definitely could be happening to you. 


Have you noticed one (or more) of these happening to you? If so, leave a comment, I would love to hear what you discovered so that you can start creating offers that convert! :) 


Happy Coaching, 

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 14:00

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