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Prioritize Your Happiness To Increase Your Sales

We live in a culture that glorifies long work hours and the hustle mentality. But living that life can take a toll on your health, relationships and happiness. New research has shown that prioritizing your happiness is not only good for your health - it’s also good for sales! In this video I explain why you need to prioritize your happiness if you want a successful business. 

Prioritize Your Happiness To Increase Your Sales With Jennifer Trask Sqaure

As a mindset coach, it’s something I work on with clients a lot. That and any other emotions that matter to them. Because when you FEEL the way you want to feel in your business you show up completely different then when you feel defeated, worried, overwhelmed or in fear.

Take a listen and leave a comment to let me know your experience with this. Have you noticed a difference in your results when you are in a better place emotionally?

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