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How Erin Overcame Money Blocks & Moved Beyond Fear To Grow Her Two Businesses

Erin Bouchard had just moved into a larger space with her wedding store, Once Upon A Time Weddings.

Erin Bouchard Testiomnial Working With Jennifer Trask

Even though she had new opportunity with a bigger space and seven years of experience in the industry, fear had creeped in and self doubt started taking over. 

“It was almost as though something was holding me back and I didn’t know what that something was.”

Erin felt like she hit a plateau and wanted to move past it.

After working together Erin says, "I wasn’t aware that I even had money blocks that were holding me back." 

"I learned how to allow fear to spur me on instead of hold me back. I realized that I already had the skills necessary and I just had to focus on my strengths versus my weaknesses."

In this interview, Erin shares what enabled her to continue to run and grow her bridal business while building her side hustle as a coach for bridal store owners. 

She dives in to some of the money blocks she uncovered and you’ll even discover what lessons and tools she brought to her kids to help manage their anxiety!  

If you feel like you've hit a plateau in your business, this interview will inspire you to move past it! 

And if you feel like now is your time to work with a coach, you can apply here to work together. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

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Written by Jennifer Trask, Erin Bouchard at 10:24

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