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The One Goal Every Entrepreneur Needs To Prioritize Before Any Other Goal

It's that time of year again when entrepreneurs are making their goals and their plans for epic growth in their business's. 

If you're on the train, that is amazing, but do not make goals this year without doing this one thing first. 

Research suggests that 92% of people who make goals do not achieve them. That's A LOT of people. 

The One Goal Every Entrepreneur MUST Prioritize Before Any Other Goal With Jennifer Trask

So, what can YOU DO to ensure that you are in the 8% category? 

Well, there's one simple thing you can prioritize that will help you reach your goals faster and with more joy and ease. 

Listen in and let me know your thoughts. 


So here's what you’ll want to prioritize this year as your MOST important goal: 

How you want to feel. 


You read that right. 

Instead of just making goals around sales, revenues and how many customers you want in your membership site or courses and all those wonderful things --->  I want to challenge you to put your emotional state as THE #1 priority in your business goals. 


Because by prioritize this one goal, it will make all the other ones so much easier to happen. 

As a mindset coach, working specifically with entrepreneurs, one of the things that I do with all my clients is I get them to prioritize how they want to feel.

They will scale their top 3 emotions on a 1-10 scale. 

For example, if they say, in my business I want to feel…

  1. Successful
  2. Confident
  3. Joyful

I’ll say, ‘AWESOME!’

Now, let’s scale these to see how often you are feeling these feelings on average, now. 

For a lot of entrepreneurs, the average’s are a mix between 4,5 & 6’s… some are 7&8’s… but generally there is at least one or two emotions that are lower. 

That’s okay, but here’s why if you prioritize this for yourself, your business results will SOAR!


What would happen to your results if you felt super successful, confident and joyful 80%, 90%, 95% of the time?!

Would it change the way you show up in your business? 

You betcha it would!!

  • You would talk about your business with more confidence and pride than ever before!
  • You would rock your sales calls. 
  • A speaking engagement? I’ve got this, you’d say! 
  • You’re stick to your schedule. 
  • You would ask for help when you need it. 
  • You’d take more risks.
  • You’d ask for the sale. 
  • You’d have great boundaries. 
  • You'd take a break when you need one. 
  • You'd have more fun!


Most entrepreneurs are not experiencing this because they don’t feel successful now. 

But if you wait for results to feel successful, well, you’re going to be waiting, a long, long time! 

If you prioritize deciding how you want to feel every day, no matter what's going on in your business, it will change the way you show up.

And when you change the way you show up, it changes the behaviors that you make every day and therefore changes the result. 

BONUS: For those of you who love law of attraction like I do, it also puts you in a higher state of receiving because you don't get what you want, you get what you are. 

So if you want to attract more joy, happiness and confidence, you've got to be there first. And when you prioritize the emotional state that you want to be in over everything else, then you attract more opportunities and situations and people that will help you continue to feel that way. Because that's just the law of attraction that we live in everyday, right?

That's why prioritizing your emotional health is the number one thing you can do to make sure you reach all your other goals and... 

You have such a better time growing your business! So many people are stressed out and overwhelmed and feeling bad about themselves and it's not necessary.

It's all in your head. 

Here’s Your Action Plan

1 - First you got to pick your top three emotions. 

How do you want to feel in your business every day? 


2 - Second, what are your rules? 

You need to know what your rules are around how to feel this way. 

Now I learned this exercise, about 12 or 13 years ago from Tony Robbins and it is still one of the most powerful exercises I do with my clients and I do in my own life. 

You've got to know what your rules for each emotion is in order to be able to feel them. So choose your first emotion. Let’s say it’s, ‘successful’ and finish the sentence:

I feel successful anytime I... 

List them out and just make sure that there are at least three things on that list that are 100% within your control. Because if your list is only about things outside of your control like when your clients get results or gives you a compliment or your sales hit a certain target, then your ability to feel that way is always outside of your control and that's not good for you. 

You need to be within your control how you want to feel all the time. 

That’s not to say that you should exclude the other things because of course it's going to make you feel good when your clients get success. You want that. We just want to make sure there's enough that you are in control of.

So at any minute of the day you can say: you know what, I am successful!


3 - Consciously practice them! 

To ensure you start feeling how you want to feel you’ve got to practice feeling that way so that it becomes automatic! 


Here are some ways to consciously practice them: 

1 . Sticky notes 

Put sticky notes around your office/bedroom/home that remind you of the feelings you want to feel. You can even add in the things that make you feel that way. Then, every time you see them you are reminded that yes, you are successful! 


2. Alarms/Notifications

You can set alarms on your phone, calendar or computer to pop up and remind you at different times about your emotions. 


3. Integrate emotion with activity 

When you are doing the things (your rules) that make you feel a certain way, say to yourself, ‘see, I am doing this and I AM successful!”

Your self talk is critical to the change and that’s why even though it may sound funny to do, you’ve got to do it because you want your positive self talk to be your regular way of thinking - not the negative. 


When you start taking actions that are within your set of rules and you really feel that you are successful (or whatever other emotion matters to you) then what happens is you start to shift your story and your emotion and most importantly your identity. 

Because the biggest thing that really stops people from moving into that new space in their business is that they don't see themselves as that successful person. 

They haven't moved in their identity to the person who has done that and therefore can do it. 

When you shift your identify to one who CAN make things happen, who IS successful (no matter what your current bank account or client roster says), then nothing can stop you because you’ll behave that way and vibrate at that frequency and you’ll attract the success you feel. It’s that simple.

Now what I want to do is I want you to write in the comments...

  • what are the top three emotions you want to feel every day?
  • and tell me, are you going to use a trigger of some sort?
  • are you going to put up sticky notes?
  • are going to put an alarm on your phone constantly? 
  • how are you going to make sure that you don't slip into complacency and go into your old routine patterns so that you can deliberately choose how you want to feel everyday.

Of course, if you know another entrepreneur who really wants to break through on their goals this year, share this post with them so that they can change the way they look at their goals and change the way they feel about themselves so that they too can make the change in the world in that they want to because they made the change within themselves first. 

All right, I can't wait to read your answers.

To your JOYOUS 2020!

Jennifer Trask - First




Written by Jennifer Trask at 18:20

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