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How To Change A Habit As An Entrepreneur

If this is the year that you want to change a habit (you know, for good!), here's how to do it!

When you understand how a habit works, it's easier to break it down so you can break the cycle of the trigger and reward system that keeps you doing it.

How To Change A Habit As An Entrepreneur With Business Coach Jennifer Trask


But first: if you haven't yet set the most important goal for you to prioritize be sure to watch this video first:  The One Goal Every Entrepreneur MUST Prioritize Before Any Other Goal.

When you prioritize that goal, it will help you amplify making these ones! 

Okay, now on to finally making the changes. 

Focusing on changing your habits is the key to bringing your business to the next level. 

Your business is built day in and day out by the things you do and who you are being while you are doing them. 

Therefore, instead of focusing on big changes, it really is just small changes that need to happen so that you the big results can pour in. 

Whether you want to... 

    • get up out of bed an hour earlier
    • have a great bedtime routine
    • read an hour a day
    • be consistent in your marketing (think: get that blog post out every week this year!)
    • be consistent on your social media

No matter what it is, you can change it when you understand how habits work. 


If this is the year that you want to change a habit (you know, for good!), here's how to do it!

When you understand how a habit works, it's easier to break it down so you can break the cycle of the trigger and reward system that keeps you doing it.

How To Change A Habit As An Entrepreneur With Business Coach Jennifer Trask


Here's how this works:

With habits you have the trigger, behaviour, award. 







Now what's interesting about this is that the reward isn't always necessarily something we actually want! 

Yes, we humans are funny like that. 

We often choose behaviours that meet our needs in the moment even though in the long run, it doesn't meet our deepest desires. 

For example: if you choose to watch Netflix instead of doing your weekly blog post, then you are being rewarded with the immediate pleasure of watching a show which is likely meeting your needs of certainty and uncertainty at the same time!

When you do something like watch T.V. or eat, you are immediately rewarded with familarity, maybe even surprise or humour (from the show or circumstances of eating) but nonetheless, it makes you feel better in the moment. 

This is your quick, unconscious response. 

Now, if you want to build your business and doing a regular blog is a part of your marketing, then you can't put it off every week. 

So, it's important to understand what needs are getting met by not doing the thing you know you need to do so that you can make a better choice next time. 

Understanding the behaviour that you are doing that is sabotaging you is half the battle to making the new one stick! 

Once you know that, then you can identify what needs it is meeting, then you can consciously choose to get those needs met in a different way - that will help you grow your business. 



Here's how to turn this example around to meet your needs in a positive, productive way that will build your business:

instead of watching Netflix, you can get your needs met of certainty and uncertainty by focusing on the feeling of pride and accomplishment that you are stepping up to your dream. You can focus on the people you will help and the engagement you'll get from putting out the information you're putting out. 

And as you do it more often, you'll feel more certain in your ability to execute and that will feel AMAZING!! 


You can amplify this effect by focusing on your WHY as well. When your desire to change is conflicted and not deeply inspired with a big why, change is hard. 

But, when you are 100% committed and you have a big reason why, change is much easier. 


To ensure your habit change sticks, it's important to understand how your habits create your IDENTITY. 

We always behave as we see ourselves. Meaning, the identity we have of ourselves - who we believe we are. Therefore, it's important to start talking to yourself in a way that supports who you are becoming. 

You can do this with positive self talk. 

For example: 

As you choose to do your blog post every week instead of watching Netflix you deliberately say things like...

"When I set my mind to something, I can follow through."

"I AM a success. I am doing the work necessary to build my dream business!"

"What I have to say is important and it feels good to help others with my work."

"I am proud of myself for following through."

"I finish things I start."

"I can do hard things."

"This is getting easier and easier as I do it each week."

and eventually...

"I LOVE putting out my weekly blog post! It's fun and helps others! I wouldn't miss it!"


Pretty good, right? 

It might sound a little odd talking yourself up BUT it is imperative to making the identity change necessary that will ultimately help you succeed. 

The more you see yourself as a successful entrepreneur, the more you will take action that a successful entrepreneur takes. And the more you take action that a successful entrepreneur takes, the more success you will allow in. 


See how it works?! AWESOME!

Now, the next time you get triggered to do something that isn't in alignment with your goals (ie watch Netflix instead of doing your blog post), in that moment as yourself: 

who do I want to be? 

In that moment that you ask yourself that question you are breaking the pattern of unconsciously doing the behaviour that is sabotaging you. 

You now have the power to make a new choice. 

Then you can consciously choose the new choice and the more you do that, the more it becomes your new unconscious habit.


To help you break the right habits this year, I put together The Top 10 Sabotaging Habits Of Entrepreneurs (and how to overcome them).

Be sure to grab this because remember, identifying the habits that need to change is the first step in changing. 

Then, whichever one it is for you,  you'll get a tip on how to change it. Grab it here: 

 The Top 10 Sabotaging Habits Of Entrepreneurs (and how to overcome them)

Leave a comment and let me know, which habit do you intend on breaking first? I can't wait to cheer you on!! 

Happy Habit-Breaking, 

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 07:21

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