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The Secret To Selling Coaching

The Secret To Selling Coaching Blog (1)

I'm going to share a little not so secret, secert that will make selling coaching so much easier for you.

This was inspired by a conversation I had on the Stay Strategic all in my membership, The Joyous Journey where we help coaches grow profitable, and sustainable and joyous businesses.

One of the members talked about two opportunities she had over the past couple of weeks. She was on a call with potential clients and both of them said to her basically, ‘Your program sounds amazing and it would be perfect for me!’ 

The only problem? She didn't offer them the program.

So we dug into why. What we discovered is that deep down, she didn't feel like she offered enough value because she is not an experienced coach yet.

To help her, we shifted how she saw her coaching and where the value actually really comes from.



The thing that makes coaching the most valuable is when you have someone who really believes in you, who sees what's possible for you, who holds you to that standard and who continues to call you forward no matter what you may think of yourself that day.

Of course, as a coach, you have to have the tools to help clients move through that but ultimately

A good coach sees what's possible for you and holds the space for you to get there. That's the value.

When you have someone who believes in you, it just makes going after your big dreams so much easier. 

If you're a newer coach without as much experience and you run into something where you don't have the exact tool to help this person, you'll just go find the solution. 

You don't need to know all of the answers right now. 

To make selling coaching easier when you are on a call don't focus on making a sale or getting a client. Instead, focus on finding someone whose dream you believe in

Tell them what you see is possible for them and how excited you are for them! Say "I want to be the coach to help you close the gap, from where you are today to where we both know you can be." 

That's how you sell coaching. It's not any more complicated than that.

It really is about being the visionary and holding the space for someone by getting them to see what's possible and telling them that you're going to hold them there, even on the days where they don't see it themselves.

So go apply this in your coaching business so that you can transform even more lives!

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 07:21

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