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What to do when you are feeling defeated in your coaching business.

It can happen to any coach. You are working hard, trying to grow your business but yet you feel stuck, like it's not going anywhere or that you should be doing better. You feel defeated. I know it's happened to me so if this is happening to you in today's video we cover two things you can do to help shake things up and to feel good about your business - and its future again!

What To Do When You Are Feeling Defeated With Your Coaching Business Jennifer Trask

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 15:00

How Melanie Caines Grew Her Online Yoga Membership Site To 100 Subscribers

Most coaches, healers and transformational experts are building their businesses part time as their side hustle while they are working full time. Melanie Caines is no different. 

Even though yoga instructor, Melanie Caines was already running a local yoga studio and leading multiple international yoga retreats each year, Melanie decided to go for her dream of reaching an international audience with an online yoga membership site. 

In this interview Melanie talks about how she built her online following and quickly got her first 100 paid subscribers within months of launching.

  How Melanie Caines Built Her Online Yoga Platform With Business Coach Jennifer Trask

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 05:13

The #1 Surprising Reason Most Coaches Aren't Getting The Success They Are Looking For

Recently, I discovered some research that talked about the #1 reason why women were not getting promoted in the workplace. It had nothing to do with being a parent or incompetent or somehow inferior to their male counterparts. 

It was something a little more surprising, yet ultimately, not that surprising to me after working with so many women over the last 9 years (and to you men reading this, this isn't immune to you either, it just seems to affect women more directly. Nonetheless, it's worth reading about.) 

As a coach of coaches and an entrepreneur myself, I see this reason plaguing the industry and literally stealing people’s dreams day by day. I know that it had stolen mine for many years. 

It’s something that no one can give nor take away from any of us, yet it feeds into so many minds like a viral epidemic. 

The #1 Surprising Thing Holding Most Coaches Back From Getting The Business They Want

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 19:00

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6 Things You Must Prepare For Before You Start Your Facebook Challenge Launch

If you’re hosting an online Facebook challenge to lead up to the launch of a product or service, there are 6 things you'll want to prepare for before the challenge starts. 

Having just finished a successful Facebook challenge launch with my course, Manifest Your Awesomeness, I made note of 6 things that will really help your launch go smoother and more successful if you prep them in advance. Here’s what I did... 

6 Things You Must Prepare For Before You Start Your Facebook Challenge Launch With Jennifer Trask

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 11:51

When You Feel Like You Need Just One More Thing To Qualify You

Do you find yourself thinking, “I’m not experienced enough; I’m not old enough; I’m too old, or too young; I’m not ____ enough”? This is really common, especially with coaches.

These thought patterns often happen because there’s a confidence factor that comes only with time. 

However, I've learned something very important over the years of coaching coaches that will help you get over this no matter where you are in your business journey and that is this... 

 When You Feel Like You Just Need 1 More Thing To Qualify You

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 16:01