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Branding and Marketing Strategies for Self-Help Coaches


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How Playing The Long Term Game Helps You Win At Your Short Term Goals

If you ever feel anxious about your business, you are going to love this week’s blog. 

As you are building your business some things are going to work and some are not. Right now, I invite you to think about something in your life that you have gotten that was significant. When you began that journey, you probably had in your minds eye how it was going to unfold.

But how many times in life do things unfold the way we think they are going to? The unanimous answer is... ‘never’!! haha ....

How Playing The Long Term Game Helps You Win At Your Short Term Goals Jennifer -trask .com

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 14:01

Moving Through Resistance As You Up Your Business Game

We as entrepreneurs choose our businesses as one of the main vehicles for us to become the leader and person whom we want to be in the world. We are on the path of change and growth and yet we know that by nature people tend to resist change and that it can be difficult sometimes.  

The thing about growing a business is that there is so much change all the time that you need to get really good at embracing change. I have found in my own journey that every time I go to up-level there is resistance. Resistance to stay the same and to keep the same thought patterns and beliefs that are holding me where I am. Yet at the same time there is a part of me that just wants to fly to the next level.  

Can you relate? 

Moving Through Resistance Www .jennifer -trask .com


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:04