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Here's Why You Don't Need To Work Harder To Earn More & Grow Your Business

A lot of coaches, especially the news ones are already working really hard for not much. I hear it all the time that they set their income level goals low because they are afraid that they will have to work too hard to get it (I did this myself so I know it well!)

If you are reading this you are probably an entrepreneur and you know that I am not talking about the people who aren't doing much. I am talking about the people who are already working that great work ethic of theirs and can’t fathom losing anymore sleep to make a little bit more money. 

If that’s you, get ready. You’re going to like this. 

Good News - You Don 't Need To Work Harder To Build Your Business . Here 's What You Need . Jennifer -trask .com

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 18:15