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6 Things You Need To Get Clear On To Fill Your Client Roster & Become Profitable

Clarity. It's amazing how one small word can have such huge implications in our business. 

Over the years I noticed a trend with clients, if they were stuck it was because they were likely unclear about one of these six things. 

You'll want to ensure that you have the specific piece to #1 that a lot of people leave out. 

With #4, keep an ear out for the second piece. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize how many people they really need to get in front of to reach their goals. 

Lastly, #6 is the key that will bring them all together! You’ll see why once you hear it. :) 

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know your biggest takeaway from these 6 clarity points. 


6 Things You Need To Get Clear On To Fill Your Client Roster & Become Profitable With Business Coach Jennifer Trask

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:44

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Are You Building The Wrong Business?

An interesting thing happened recently on a call with a new client. As a mindset coach and business strategist, my goal is to help clients build businesses that bring them joy.

Because if it isn't fun, what's the point?

Are You Building The Wrong Business With Jennifer Trask 2

To do that you need three ingredients:

1. A strategy that you like executing (I've met SO many entrepreneurs who are marketing their businesses in ways that do not feel good to them);

2. A business model that serves your purpose, allows you to be profitable AND makes you happy;

3. An unstoppable mindset to help you move past the difficult times (and there are A LOT), create healthy boundaries, stay focused on what YOU want and take consistent action from a place of confidence and courage!

When you combine these three ingredients the result is a joyful business that thrives.

As you are going about building your business, it can be easy to one day wake up and go... "Hold on! I'm not having any fun anymore!"

It's usually because one of these three things are off.

In this video I talk about a recent experience with a client that sparked VERY interesting conversation that, if you are feeling even a little frustrated in your business will help you look at what could be going wrong so you can fix it.

Have you experienced this before?

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:44

3 Ways To Get Clear On Your Priorities In Your Coaching Business

Getting clear on your priorities in your coaching business really matters.

Clarity is SO powerful. It can mean the difference between gaining big momentum and staying stagnant. 

You know you are not yet clear on your priorities when you... 

1. Find yourself wondering what you should be doing more than you would like to admit. 

2. Don’t have clear business objectives that you are actively working to achieve. 

3. Procrastinate and do a lot of busy work but nothing of true value really gets done. 

4. Aren’t getting any real traction or results in your business.

If this is you, here are three steps to get clear on your priorities so that you can start getting momentum and traction in your business. 



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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:02