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The Exceptional

Exceptional 1 12Months

Exceptional 2 Revolutionize

Exceptional 3 Itstime

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"I challenge you to find another marketing program that gives you this much 1-on-1 personal training time for this price! These programs are totally awesome & jam packed with value - like nothing else!" - Jennifer Trask

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The Exceptional is best for you if you...

  • Know it’s really time to go big or go home. You’re in for the long-term and you want a partner in crime who is going to help lead to the serious long-term success you are looking for. 
  • Know this is what you need to change the game and take your business to where you’ve really wanted it to be since your dream began. Experience has taught you that marketing is imperative to your success. You’re ready to up the ante and play a bigger game. 
  • Have a brand that is ready to go to the next level and you’re excited about the opportunity of what new and innovative focus will do for your business.
  • Are ready to invest in your marketing and take your materials and promotions to the next level.
  • Love the idea of having a new player on your team whose area of expertise is marketing. You love that she will keep you on track, pump in new ideas and help you with the details of your promotions.

After this program, you will have:

  • Everything in The Sensational Plus...
  • The opportunity to generate and introduce new marketing campaign ideas together (in addition to the original marketing plan).
  • Ability to have help testing your marketing ROI and making changes together to maximize your marketing dollars. 
  • The help and support you need during your promotions and/or events.

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