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The Remarkable

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"I challenge you to find another marketing program that gives you this much 1-on-1 personal training time for this price! These programs are totally awesome & jam packed with value - like nothing else!" - Jennifer Trask

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Jennifer's coaching programs are for you if you...

  • Want more business, more revenue and want to make a bigger difference in the world. 
  • Want to create a strong brand (whether you have one now or not) that will resonate with your target market.
  • Want to work only with your ideal clients.
  • Want to have new leads, customers and clients come to you 24/7.
  • Want a coach who will push you out of your comfort zone and will hold you accountable.
  • Are a little scared (but the good kind) as you know this will have you stepping into who you really are. 
  • Want to become the leading authority in your marketplace: the ONLY solution for your target market. 
  • Have the ‘knowing' that it's the right time for you and you're ready to move on it. 
  • Are ready to let go of your fears and take massive action. You finally feel as though it's time to step into your true brilliance and let the world know who you are and how you can help. 
  • Would like extra care and attention to building and executing your brand and marketing plan.
  • Are ready to take 100% responsibility for your success!

The Remarkable is best for you if you...

  • Work well independently and don't need much hands-on guidance.
  • Just want the plan and you will work it like nobody's business. 
  • Are on a budget and don't want to commit long-term. 

After this program you will have:

  • Clarity on who you are, what you do and how to best communicate your message in order to attract your ideal clients.
  • A clear, strong brand that speaks to who you really are, where you're going and what is important to you.
  • A laser focused marketing plan that identifies clear strategic objectives and the tactics to execute to achieve your goals. 
  • A 3-month marketing calendar to keep you on target and moving forward.
  • A detailed outline of your ideal website; a sales tool, not a brochure.
  • An irresistible offer that will entice your ideal client to sign up for more information so that you can begin to market to them. 
  • A layout and copy for a business card that serves as a sales tool, not a brochure.
  • Time saving techniques that will allow you to maximize your time so you get more work done in a day than you used to in a week! 
  • Carefully designed packages for your products and services that will not only make them irresistible to your prospects but will have you selling them at higher prices. 
  • A specially crafted expert system that will immediately increase your profile.
  • A significant bank of content with which to engage your audience. 
  • Marketing systems in place that will save you time, energy and money everyday; they will speed up your processes, make you feel more organized and appear more professional.
  • A deeper understanding of how your marketing works and how to capitalize on every opportunity.
  • Greater confidence as you move into the next phase of your business.
  • A solid base from which to fly.

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