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1 Secret Marketing Tweak To Make More Money Doing What You Love… Part 1!

Does this happen to you?

You are out there networking, putting advertising all over town and yet for some reason, the phone just doesn’t ring? Maybe it does ring, but not very often nor with clients whom are really a great match for you (do you have to go over pricing again)?

There is a reason this is happening and in today's episode of The Magic of Marketing, you're going to discover the biggest reason why this happens and how making 1 simple tweak in your marketing can have you on your way to making more money doing what you love with people whom you enjoy serving (and are happy to pay the price). 


The Magic Of Marketing Episode 11 - 1 Secret Marketing Tweak To Make More Money Doing What You Love


I have to admit, many of my clients have had resistance against this (some more than others), but ultimately, they all get it, move through it and decide to go for it (and are happy they did!).

Because most self-help coaches find resistance in this important marketing shift, I broke this episode up into two parts so that you can have time to digest it and then next week figure out how you will go about it. Yes, it's that important!

So, enjoy the show and dont' forget to comment below about your experience, thoughts and feelings on this topic. We love hearing from you! 

Happy "tweaking", 


P.S. If you haven't picked it up yet, I made this free e-book just for you, The Top 8 Mistakes Self-Help Coaches Make & How To Fix Them. Pick it up today as it has more ideas on small tweaks you can make to have even better marketing, make more money and change more lives doing what you love! (I love it!) :-)




Written by Jennifer Trask at 08:14

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Tonya, don't you just love divine timing? I know this particular topic for you is going to be a very important one to really focus on in order to create your vision.

You are however in the perfect spot to narrow down and get er' done! I love it!! :)

Thanks for the note!

Tonya Whittle

wow! Funny how things show up! Such an important topic for me now and one that is hard to realize, but I am seeing the importance of narrowing your focus!

Jennifer Trask


You are right.. it is actually a 'relief' to know you don't have to help everyone and trusting that the people whom you are meant to help will show up. It totally changes your perspective on how to be in your business and thus shifts your abundance and attraction factor - I love it!

Thanks for another great comment and compliment. You're some sweet! :)


P.S. Pixie dust IS so so awesome :)

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Tina O'Brien! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Tina O'Brien

You are one smart coach...great tip !

Lisa L. Payne

I remember when we stripped down my brand and you made me FOCUS!!! it was so hard because, like all self-help coaches, I want to help everyone!! And I feel like my work can help everyone. But you taught me how important is was to be crystal about who I can best serve and in order to attract my ideal client, I need to market directly to them... not to everybody! I think it is scary for anyone who provides a product or service to focus in on a niche because, ultimately, we are afraid we are going to have fewer clients - that we will miss someone who really needs us. We are better served with an abundance mentality, trusting that the right people will get helped by the right people (including us). What a relief!! I don't have to be everything to everybody!! LOL Jennifer, you rock! And you get prettier in every segment. Looking forward to party two... WooHoo!! PS - Pixie dust is awesome!! xo

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